“We can turn over a bucket for you to sit on if there’s no more room on the benches outside.” I can admit that JUBBS LONGEVITY DELICATERIA TAKE OUT AND CELL REJUVENATION CLINIC definitely isn’t your ordinary café. In fact, I’d be rueful to call it a café at all, unless you consider overturned buckets the lap of European luxury. It’s really more like a raw food depot with incredibly yummy lifefood eats, natural body care products and herbs, and of course, the icing on the raw carrot cake, Dr. Jubb himself, somewhat of a work of art. I initially heard about Jubb from a girlfriend repeating mantra-like over and over, ‘you gotta go to Jubb, Jubb, Jubb.’ So it’s already stuck in my head like a broken record. And I’ve also been plotting to start some sort of cleanse or fast. Quite frankly, I’ve been feeling a bit toxic lately (mos def not in the Britney Spears sense of the word) and really need something radical to clear away all the built-up internal gunk. I’m on the lookout for this root, which I read is supposed to help block carbs. So me thinks, why not take a jaunt on down to the Jubb joint and see what all this mantric fuss is about.

So I enter the spot, tiny and basic, but packed with a lovely menu of raw foods, delectable looking desserts, health and beauty products, books (including works of the Dr.’s own creation), and a very knowledgeable staff. Okay, so far perhaps unconventional (a vast understatement), but I’m digging on the homeopathic vibe. I definitely want to sample some yummies, so I inquire of counter-boy to walk me through the extensive menu. A short while later, I end up on a bench outside (much fancier than the bucket) with a delicious stuffed cabbage smothered in some absolutely heavenly nutty sauce, and a serving of their cheddar ‘cheese’ and flax crackers to go, the perfect late afternoon snackie. I do struggle a bit with the food with just a spoon, cause they don’t have knives and forks, but hey that’s just fine by me cause the whole alfresco bench set-up feels a bit picnicy, as it were. And I must say, as little as the cheddar concoction resembles the look of actual cheese, the flavor is surprisingly right on.

But the gorgeous desserts are singing unto me like sirens, tempting, teasing and taunting (c’mon you’ve never heard desserts sing your name?!). I choose to sample the marzipan cake (research, it’s all research!). Now I must tell you, this is no ordinary ‘cake;’ you must prepare yourself for a far nuttier, heavier, and more nutritiously dense experience than conventional desserts hold. You really could just eat it as a meal and call it a day, that’s how damn healthy it is. And frankly, I’ve never dropped so much moolah on a slice of anything, not even at Bouley, but I would have to say that it was well worth it. And seriously, who could imagine being able to order pizza (which is rumored to be stupendous), tabouleh (sans grains… interesting), a burger deluxe (come on and admit it, you wanna, don’t you?), or a falafel wrap with hummus (as a self-declared Mamoun’s addict, I’m certainly curious about this one) in a raw place? Oh holy fiesta in mi boca, I cannot wait to test-drive all the luscious treats (again, research, my friends, all in the name of research!)

So yah, what in the bejeebers is this touted lifefood anyhow? Well, its fresh and organic, uncooked and non-chemically processed fruits and veggies, sprouted seeds and nuts, and some fermented foods, that are properly combined for digestion and biophoton-rich, which preserves the food’s energetic, enzymatic and nutritional integrity. Jubbs Longevity doesn’t use any grain, bean, corn, banana, date, dairy or animal products. The lifefood ‘awareness’ encompasses the concept that food is best when consumed whole, with its life force and vital electrics intact.

But frankly, the thing that by far impresses me the most about Jubbs Longevity is Dr. David Jubb himself, a fascinating shamanic-looking character like no other (this side of Tazmania). Which brings me back to this whole carbo-blocking root thing I was seeking in the first place. When I ask him about the root he tells me, ‘No, I don’t agree with this at all.’ And he sits me down (on the one chair in the place, at the reading table), and works up a fasting-cleanse specifically for me, which I was totally not expecting. Now it wasn’t the easiest to find readily available fresh aloe vera, but once I closed in on my source, it’s been easy as raw apple pie ever since. I’ve been cleansing for six days now and the changes in my body have been amazing. Well worth the major duckets I dropped on the herbal powders that the Dr. mixes himself. So if you think you’re a total foodie and know the whole of the NY eating scene inside and out, I bet even you will be in for a few surprises at Jubbs Longevity, where the chairs are scarce, the cheese is raw, but everything in the joint, especially the desserts, is actually good for you!

[b]Jubbs Longevity[/b] 508 East 12th Street
(212) 353-5000

an image
[center] [b]REDEEM YOURSELF[/b] By Amber Roniger

‘Tis the season for giving, or so it seems. Yah, I know Santy Claus won’t be shooting down your chute anytime soon, nor the Chanukkah Bunny hop-hopping by neither, but this summer is chockablock with really great fundraisers for issues we all care deeply about. And they’re swanky too. I just love that THE LIBBY ROSS FOUNDATION’S ANNUAL SUMMER COCKTAIL BENEFIT, to be held this Wednesday, will be at Redemption Bar & Lounge; it just seems so apropos for a function to fight breast cancer.

The Libby Ross Foundation was founded in 1999 in memoriam of Elizabeth “Libby” Ross, who lost her battle with breast cancer. The Foundation is a New York based, non-profit run by young professionals, whose heartfelt mission is to make a significant dent in the fight against breast cancer, as momentous as it may sometimes seem, through supporting development of outreach programs, treatment and research.

The many highlights of the evening will include a three hour primo open bar, featuring LRF signature cocktail drink specials: The Libby Lychee-Tini (just like they drink in Bali), a brand spanking different take on the classic martini, and Passionate About a Cure, a frozen passion fruit mimosa (how brrrr cool is that?!), both sponsored by EFFEN Vodka (distilled by Geffen? anyhoo…), top-shelf food, rockin’ music, a silent auction and sweepstakes, including vacations, jewelry, sports tickets, spa packages and much more (oooh the sweet anticipation!), and of course, our good friend, raffle prizes. And if you’re into planning your social calendar waaaay ahead, pencil in another great fundraiser on Thursday, November 2nd at the New York Design Center.

And you know I’m too, too in love with the fact that the Foundation and OM yoga have teamed up to offer three different components of OM’s Yoga Program for Survivors, now you’re talkin’! Downdog anyone? Ladies… So put aside a few dollars (this is one fundraiser which won’t break the bank) and come out and sip the frozen passion and schmooze your heart out for a great cause that has undoubtedly touched us all.

[b]The Libby Ross Foundation
Annual Summer Cocktail Benefit[/b] Wednesday, July 26th
6:30 à¢â‚¬” 9:30pm
Redemption Bar & Lounge
1003 Second Avenue (53rd St.)
For tickets: or (212) 831-9592

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