The Escape Game: Prison Break Challenge

Who doesn’t love the exhilaration of finally breaking out of a confining space or situation? That is literally your challenge in The Escape Game‘s amazing Prison Break. This game is designed for up to 7 players and is considered one of the more difficult ones offered, but with the right clues, it is absolutely solvable. More than that, it’s fun, authentic, and memorable. Ideal for a summer night’s way to cool down and spend time with friends, or to celebrate a birthday, or even for a work team to bond.

Some terms: children 14 and under must be accompanied by a paying adult; reservations can be canceled up to 48 hours before your game for a full refund; you may reschedule up until 4 hours before your game; no alcohol is permitted. Also note: your game may be shared with another party unless you purchased the entire game room for your group.

Some game recommendations: keep your mind open and think of every possibility, even the zaniest. Keep the lines of communication open with your fellow prisoners and talk things out, because putting your minds together results in solutions and things you hadn’t considered – or never would have imagined.

The Escape Game
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