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The other night I saw [i]The Aviator[/i]. The movie is gorgeous to look at, and there were times when I actually forgot that I was looking at Leonardo Di Caprio, and saw an actor standing inside the flesh of another human being. [i]The Aviator[/i] tells the tale of Howard Hughes’ early years in Hollywood and his start in aviation. It’s the classic story of an outsider who makes good. Most people are familiar with the myth of an aging recluse with fingernails longer than a football stadium; the younger Hughes was saner than that, and a risk taker. Cate Blanchett is a wonderful sassy Kate Hepburn, Alec Baldwin is deliciously smarmy, and the rest of the cast, including Alan Alda and Kate Beckinsdale giving seamless performances. Look for a cameo by Rufus Wainwright.

The movie dragged a bit at times, and while it was fascinating watching a brilliant mind break down, there was a sense of dislocation, not compassion or sympathy. I have to admit that it was fascinating watching the story unfold of a man who seemingly conquered the world and the sky, despite or maybe because of his illness. Young Howard was plucky, and didn’t understand the word “no.” Did I like it? Yes I did. Was it a good story despite the draggy bits? Definitely. It’s one of the few movies that felt shorter than it was. Would I recommend it to anyone else to see? Yeah I would. Young Howard was like the little train that could. If you take anything away from this movie, take away that if you really and truly believe that you can do anything, you can. Unfortunately, I have very little understanding of OCD and other disorders, so was a bit at sea when he started to breakdown. Luckily, I dragged Diana along with me. She’s in the Mental Health profession, and I think I peppered her with questions for at least a half hour after the movie.

Enough of the movie, do remember a commercial that played (I think when we were kids) of a woman talking about how she was supposed to be proud of her “laugh lines” and there was no way on any planet that she was going to? Okay, maybe it’s just me who remembers it. Anyway, we’re all afraid of wrinkles.

We like the way we look now and aren’t really thrilled with the idea of aging. Dr. Michael Danileov is a scientist from the former Soviet Union. He has an M.D. and a PhD in physiology and biochemistry. He spent years researching the human regulatory mechanisms. He specialized in research in hormones and biologically active substances. Now bear with me, this isn’t a science article, okay? Through his 25 years of research, he came up with a theory that the human body has everything it needs to repair itself, that the cells know how to heal themselves. He immigrated to the US and continued his research, where he began to create biologically active complexes that repaired cells. Soon cosmetic companies came calling; they wanted him to create ingredients for their anti-aging lines. In 1997, Dr. Danielov created his line, Bionova.

Bionova uses nano-technology to create skin care where the bio-active ingredients are delivered to the skin in nano sized (really insanely small) molecules that are absorbed into the skin and healing begins.

The skin care contains non-complexes, these are replicas of bio-active ingredients that all ready exist in the human body. They’re vital for reestablishing cellular communication. The skin care works from the innermost layer out – it reactivates dormant sebaceous glands and restores the cells to their optimal state.

In plain English, it reverses the aging process. I just wanted to explain exactly what it does. It’s really a breakthrough in science and beauty. Your skin heals looks better and bye -bye wrinkles. But there’s more to it than just getting wrinkles to leave you alone. The line can not only prevent premature aging, it can treat and prevent acne and their scars, treat oily and dry skin as well.

There are five Bionova lines. N1 Custom – this is customized skin care – you complete a detailed survey and the Bionova lab creates a formula that works just for your skin and specific treatments that you desire. The order is delivered to you 48 hours after completion of the survey. There’s Impact, that’s customized ready to use skin care solutions. Bio Act 1 – that’s bioactive skin care regimen products. Sport- this is a line of skin care products for athletes and Spa, that’s skin care for spa use.

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I’ve been road testing the Bionova Impact eye wrinkle cream for the past week. I am impressed with how quickly it absorbs into my skin. I’m not used to moisturizing my eyelids, you see the treatment comes with a “how to” booklet and I followed it religiously. You place the treatment on your upper and lower lids, on the temples and then relax for five minutes, to let it set. I can’t not move for more than a minute, and I am not a fan of the scent, but I have noticed some baby lines disappearing. I’m now just starting (ugh) to get a few lines and am impressed with how this treatment is working.

You can find Bionova at Barneys, [url=][/url] and by visiting Bionova’s website

Talking about getting rid of things – do you have problems saying goodbye to someone? Or are they so dense that no matter how many times you tell them to go away, they’re still there? Try the Break Up Box.

It’s a box that you send to your soon to be ex-sweetie or ex-friend. There are sayings printed on the box, “When we first met I thought all my dreams had come true. Now all I have are nightmares. You’ve been dumped.” OR, “Why don’t the pictures in our scrapbook match the pictures in my mind? Because the heart doesn’t lie. Good-bye.”

This box will definitively tell them to get lost forever! TO find out more about the Break Up Box or purchase one, go to [url=][/url]

This Friday, [b]Satalla[/b] is having a free dance party with music around the globe. It kicks off at midnight. This is a very fun way to work out all your stresses of the week.

37 West 26th Street (between Broadway & 6th Avenue)
[url=][/url] [b]Catherine Maladrino[/b] is having her fall and winter sample sale through the 21st. Friday and Monday’s hours are 9 AM – 7 PM. Saturday and Sunday 11 AM – 4 PM. 275 West 39th Street, Sixth Floor

Catherine Maladrino Fall & Winter Sample Sale
275 West 39th Street, Sixth Floor

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