The Manicure That Won’t Leave You Feeling Lightheaded


“Smell my nails!” I shouted excitedly at my boyfriend upon returning home from my very first organic mani/pedi. “What are you talking about?” he yelled pushing my hands out of his face, “I’m not smelling your nails, get away!” “But I just got an manicure and they don’t smell toxic like they usually do!” I replied, remembering every time he’s begged me to take my at home salon session into the other room because he’s going to pass out from the fumes. “Please just do it!” “Stop it!” he said, pushing my hands away again, “Fine!”

This organic man/pedi that I speak of was the result of my recent trip to Priti Organic Spa in the East Village. Priti means satisfaction and love in Sanskrit, both words that resonated through my entire experience. Priti uses 100% organic products (and produce) for its services, proven the moment I found my hands and feet in a bath of sliced ginger and oranges.

My manicurist was Maria, who I was told is their best and that she’s even lacquered up some famous hands and feet. As I sat in my plush pedicure chair surrounded by pillows, she made sure I was comfortable with a hot cup of tea and started on my Priti Delicious Mani/Pedi. Getting back to the toxic issue, the only thing I could smell for the hour and change that I was there was the refreshing citrus scent from the oranges. The polish remover they use is made from soy and the polish itself is free of all of the harsh chemicals that give it the distinct aroma that my boyfriend is so fond of. My hands and feet were soaked and scrubbed until they were baby soft and then finished off in Harlequin Phlox, the perfect shade of red, and a pick from the salons own line of polish.

The salon was started up by an at the time expectant mother, Kim D’Amato, who was in search of a non-toxic pedi. So if you’re expecting, then you can still look glamorous without absorbing those harsh fumes and if you’re not expecting but are sick of leaving the salon feeling high as a kite then head over to Priti for some aroma-therapy (pun intended).

Priti Organic Spa
35 1st St. (Between 1st & 2nd Avenues)

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