The Museum of Illusions: A New Way to Bend Your Mind

In this era of Instagram-worthy images, you’ll find much to love, ponder, and snap in this new museum on the SW corner of 14th Street and Hudson Street in the west village, the Museum of Illusions. You’ll immerse in hands-on, thrilling, fun, and sometimes bewildering installations that will blow your mind. This is a perfect outing for a date or a family or a group – or even a school group – because of the memorable fun factor, and also because a lot of the installations require a partner to experience fully.

Illusions are based around mirrors, puzzles, visual tricks, distortions, and other fascinating offerings. There’s something here for all age levels, and the science behind the presentations is fully explained, so there’s much to learn as a spoonful of sugar to make the knowledge go down. Give your brain a workout at the Museum of Illusions, and take your favorite people with you.

The gift shop is worth checking out, and offers hoodies and games and items from small to large. You’ll especially love the Ames Room, where one person seems like a giant and the other a dwarf. This is a perfect place for a birthday party!

Adults = $19.00
Students/seniors/military = $17.00
Children 6-13 years = $15.00
Family tickets = $53.00
phone: 212-645-3230
email =