The name is Bond

Everything about Bond Street is sexy. To the naked eye, there may be nothing especially extraordinary about the short strip of road from Broadway to Lafayette, but for me, it’s always like a delicious little secret perfect for sharing. If Bond Street is my secret garden in the city, then Bond Street No. 9 is just the one to capture its fragrance.

Far be it, however, for the one perfumery to actually bottle up the New York essence to commemorate the holidays with a line of sugar plum and mistletoe scents. Instead, Bond No. 9 is celebrating the season with their own version of holiday cheer including a limited edition Nuits de Noho superstar bottle, sparkling with Swarovski crystals, and a blending box of their most lust worthy fragrances. Another limited edition offering, the crystallized Chinatown candle and black Swarovski studded portable spray falcon also make this season truly bright.

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By Amber Roniger

At first I was convinced I could somehow fashion the name to rhyme with Pokemon… LULULEMON. But alas, that tender dream was quickly dashed when I heard it pronounced… ‘lu-lu-lemon.’ Oooooohhhhh. Doesn’t exactly roll off the lips mayhaps, but who cares with such a beautiful store to explore! A Canook yogi and fitness mainstay, lululemon athletica just opened its US flagship store right smack in the bosom of Lincoln Center and the whole flock is flocking to check out the goods en masse.

Lovely sales associate to the yogis and saints, Erica Bryan, proudly displays her choice of stylie warm-ups. This gear is seriously high tech and has taken into account athletes’ feedback to craft the height of snuggly perfection. I just love that they’ve instituted iron-on labels to reduce irritation, gussets to avoid being ripped to shreds (hey, Warrior 1 can be pretty intense), thumb holes on sleeves, and credit card/key pockets.

Behold the stunning display on the wall of arses, quite the rainbow of fruit-flavored tuchases from this low angle. Is that immature? Whatev… Lululemon is invested in the community spirit so stay tuned for their offerings of free classes and events. And as such, I just loves me their community board…(yes, real men do do yoga!!!)

lululemon athletica
1928 Broadway (at 64th Street)
(212) 712-1785

Ghosts of Christmas Present
By Kimberly McDonald

Write it. Don’t write it. Write it. Don’t write it. I wrestled with my own thoughts and emotions all night about what seems to be a trend of attacking Christmas.

It came to my attention earlier this week. First, hearing someone in my industry remark cattily: “Christmas lights and decorations make (me) sick.” The comment surprised me -not because I don’t respect her right not to enjoy the lights, but because it was so openly disrespectful. The more I considered it, the more I wondered how she would have reacted had I made such a rude comment about dreidels…which of course, I wouldn’t. I’ve never had any personal issues with the festive little spinning toys that my Jewish friends pull out this time of year. In fact, I have won plenty of gelt playing with one.

So I began to think that maybe I should feel a little sorry for this woman, this loather of Christmas paraphernalia; after all, perhaps she had a bad experience with an electric Santa or maybe she was snubbed under the mistletoe one time too many. Maybe she even had a bad experience with some particularly testy tinsel–I can sympathize there! Clearly, she is missing out on the wonderful feeling that comes over even the grinchiest of grinches this time of year.

Also disheartening was the recent episode at Seattle-Tacoma airport, where 14 plastic holiday trees, festooned with red ribbons and bows, were removed over the weekend because of a Rabbi’s complaint that the holiday decor did not include a Menorah. This morning we learned that the trees are going back up. The Rabbi, Elazar Bogomilsky of Seattle, had at first threatened to sue the airport, but on Monday announced that he will not file a lawsuit to seek the placement of a Menorah. After what he characterized as a barrage of ‘odious’ emails, he apparently had a change of heart and stated that he “didn’t want to be the reason the airport took the trees down.”

Was the Rabbi truly personally offended, and if so–why? Did he have another motive? Could a little press coverage be a motive for people to speak out about religious conflict? Did he feel pressured by the sight of the Christmas trees to convert? What would prompt someone to turn litigious over Christmas?

Here’s the conundrum: during other periods of the calendar year such as Rosh Hashanah, I do not expect to see a cross hanging up. I do not begrudge my Jewish friends of their special celebrations (in fact, I have participated many times) and I do not force my personal beliefs on them, disrupting their time to celebrate and worship as they choose. I would no more think of threatening to sue for seeing a menorah with no Christmas tree in sight than I would consider suing a group of Hare Krishna for chanting in public and promoting spiritual enlightenment without a manger scene near by.

In every religion, there is the core group and an extreme faction. I have been frustrated by some Christians who act in a way that I feel is over the top, taking issue with things that I do not personally take issue with. I am sure the Muslim community at large feels the same way, having been the target of much scrutiny in the past few years because of the actions of certain groups within their religion. Yet their holy month of Ramadan comes and goes and I never read about someone being offended that their own religious symbols are not prominently displayed or mentioned during that month.

Yesterday, as I spoke to several of my Jewish friends (typically I do not categorize my friends according to religion – but in this case I wanted to hear their point of view) and colleagues, asking their thoughts. One colleague in particular stated it very simply, “The lights are pretty. You can’t really feel anything negative about people decorating with twinkly little lights. If you’re secure in your own beliefs, how could a tree upset you? Be glad you don’t get stuck with the electric bills your Christian friends have every December, that’s what I’d say!”

A little Christmas Lighting snack for my colleague

Ever the fan of Ben Stein, I of course love his words on Christmas trees. If you haven’t read this, you should. I believe this is from last year but the message is timeless. Merry Christmas, Ben!

SO to my friends and colleagues, at this festive time of year: if I wish you a Merry Christmas – whether you are Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu or whether you set up your altar on the front step of Hermes, what I am wishing you is love, peace, a heart full of joy, respect, and the continued freedom to practice what you believe in, both theoretically and practically.

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