The New Teenage Band 2FifthsRed is 100% Talented


It’s not often that a young band comes along and is able to write, sing and play their own music. I recently saw such a band perform at only their second public show, and it was impressive. The group is called 2FifthsRed, because two of the five members are redheads. During their show at The Slipper Room, on Orchard Street recently, they demonstrated that they are more than just two fifths red.

At only 14 years of age, the group is comprised of five members: Jamie Aijala who sings, plays keyboard and guitar, Teddy Wolf, who sings, plays the guitar, mandolin, bass and ukele, Charlie Uffelman who sings, plays guitar, bass and ukele, and Gavin Galiardo who plays bass and guitar. The only female member, Sunny Aroch, plays drums.

Most of the band members attend the same all boys’ school, and about two years ago the band was formed, mainly through meetings in the hallway at school. Although they started with a different drummer, Sunny has been a great addition to the group. She was involved in the Bandwriting Collective, an organization of songwriting and recording professionals that mentors young songwriters. Staff member, Stuart Klinger, has been instrumental in helping to organize and prepare the group to perform.


When asked to describe their music, the group unanimously says it is “Pop Rock.” Gavin jokingly described the music as “Exquisite.” But the group admits that different types of music influence their songs. “Three of us went to the Global Citizens Festival and we got to see Pearl Jam, Beyonce and Mumford and Sons,” Charlie said. Teddy said that he likes Country music too.

“All of the songs are different because we all write our songs individually. It gives us variety,” said Charlie. Sunny contributed a song that the group performed as well. She said that she wrote the music and her sister, who is not a part of the group, wrote the lyrics.

Once the group took the stage, it was hard to remember they were all so young. Their poise and professionalism shone through, and the music was amazing. The group has an infectious chemistry that makes the audience enthusiastic and riveted to their performance. The songs were absolutely different and complex in the rhythm as well as lyrics. Every song had a story and lyrics that were relatable. I can’t say the same for many adult, professional bands that I have seen.


A highlight of the concert was when the three vocalists, Teddy, Charlie and Jamie, each came out and did solo performances. Teddy sang solo on “Aim High,” and played acoustic guitar. Charlie sang solo on “I Owe You,” also playing acoustic guitar. Jamie sang solo and played keyboards on “Blue Eyes.” These touching renditions put a spotlight on just how talented this band is.

At the end, no one wanted the concert to be over, and the group did an encore. One could hope that this band remains together and has a chance to develop into an adult band one day. For now, high school is next on their horizon. In the mean time, you can purchase many of their songs on, and iTunes.

For more information on 2FifthsRed, visit For more about the Bandwriting Collective, visit,

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