The Night Owl

So I partied in the East Village this weekend. “Yes,” you’re saying/sighing, “You and every other night owl in Manhattan barhopped around Alphabet City on Saturday night. Big deal.” BUT, it is a big deal since I a) rarely go out anymore and b) when I do, it’s certainly to a more age-appropriate neighborhood aka The West Village where the 30’s somethings like to mingle over an expensive libation and ‘network’ as opposed to ‘flirt’ with one another. But since I was still milking that teeny-bopper thing (for explanation, please refer to Daily Dose from Friday, May 6th) and had exhausted virtually all the watering holes on Hudson St, I thought I’d give it a go. We ended up at a hip little spot called No Malice Palace, where we lingered wee into the night, their house pomegranate martinis giving us the fuel we needed for staying power.

Those martinis were so delicious, they made our mouths pucker with delight and I licked my lips and beckoned the bartender in my best Oliver Twist impression “please sir, I want some more.” I think I went through about four rounds, feeling no guilt, as the cute bartender explained that they were made with real pomegranate juice, known to have both anti-oxidant and aphrodisiac properties. It’s like taking your vitamins and a Viagra at the same time! Watch out…

By two a.m., it was well past my bedtime and between the dim lighting, trip-hop playing and red drink swigging, I was ready to go home. But not before my friends coerced me into a quick bite of french fries and quesadillas at 7A (which I rationed was alright after all the nutrients from my drinks), conveniently located a few short blocks from The Palace. The place was packed, apparently, lots of other pub crawlers having the same epiphany – greasy food at 2am is a brilliant idea!

We paid the bill and I almost fell asleep in the cab home.

“How I Spent My Saturday Night.” It’s like those essays we used to write in elementary school, “How I Spent My Summer Vacation,” only with a little more pizazz.

No Malice Palace
197 East 3rd Street, between Avenues A & B
109 Avenue A at 7th St

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