The Scent of Woman…and a Fabulous Perfume Giveaway!

In 1992 he created Angel, then in 2005, Alien, and now he gives us Womanity. Unlike many designers who churn out new fragrances yearly, Thierry Mugler will not be hurried. It was worth the wait. Trust me on this one.

Like his other fragrances, Mugler doesn’t use florals, and Womanity is composed of Fig, Caviar and Wood from the Fig Tree. An unlikely combination, but it works. It more than works, it’s incredibly wonderful. At a recent press gathering, I met Pierre Aulas, Mugler’s Olfactive Artistic Director who gave us sniffs of these elements on their own. The sweet fig, the savory marine-y caviar and the masculine wood were interesting, but not very exciting on their own. However, combined, they create a perfume that is ethereal, light, not-too-sweet and simply addictive.

Our kind and generous friends at Thierry Mugler have agreed to give away 15 of these beautiful, and refillable, purse sized bottles to 15 Beauty News NYC readers!! All you have to do is ask.

Simply send an email to [email protected] along with your name and address in the body of the mail and we’ll randomly select 15 of you lucky ones to receive a bottle. Entries will be accepted through August 6th.

Visit to learn more about the fragrance and the community of women.

Please note that this contest is now CLOSED.

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Jina Hampton

Love reading what yall have to say.

Faith Higgins

i think its great

angela farrell

fig and caviar say no more exquisite


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