The Stash: Linking Luxury with Affordability


Élan Barish, The Stash creator

Retail therapy always seemed like a cure-all, but with the current economy, people are starting to think twice about this belief. Or, they start a company where women can treat themselves to luxury goods at seventy-five percent and more off the original price. Hey, Élan!

“In these uncertain economic times, a little bit of luxury goes a long way,” says Élan Barish, creator of The Stash, a personalized consignment service creating the corridor between luxury and affordability. From Manolo Blahniks to a Kiton Mink Bomber Jacket, Barish has a stash of goods so great and guilt-free, you may never step foot in Bergdorf’s again. How can you get in on the action? Well, you can take advantage of Élan’s services in two capacities: seller and shopper.

Élan will come to your house and personally help edit your closet so you can sell the ware that you don’t, can’t or shouldn’t wear anymore. This is The Sort. With a discerning eye, Élan picks out the pieces that she knows will sell. Élan will then work with you to price the items and find them good homes through private consignment sales. At the very first Stash party, 75% of the seller’s items were sold.

Now, here’s where the shopping comes in. The Sale is a fun girls’ night out complete with music, cocktails and appetizers where you can score all sorts of great pieces that might be otherwise out of your budget. Peruse new and gently worn items (worn shoes are resoled and refurbished), from brands like Chanel and Hermès. If you’d rather do your shopping in private, make an individual appointment with Élan to come by The Stash. “It’s like when you go to your best friend’s house and try on her shoes, but the only difference is that these things are for sale,” said Barish.

Versus a larger consignment shop, Élan’s service has a personalized aspect with respect for your stuff and a passion for passing on values. Client Beth Brenner, publisher of domino magazine, really enjoys the fact that an item that she used to love is now bringing someone else joy.

Catch the next Sale in mid-November, but feel free to make private appointments until then. For more information on The Stash services or to make an appointment, call Élan at 917.817.9954, email her at [email protected] or visit

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I’ve been to both sales at The Stash and came away with several fabulous pieces, including a Fendi handbag and Prada heels. But what you did NOT say in your article, is that there are some items that STILL have their price tags on them! Never worn! Those are the items I really got excited about.


Love this site and so excited for Elan’s new business. What a good idea and so helpful in these stessful economic times.

Michelle Gordon

Go Elan…

THe article sounds awesome.


Nance Liebgott

wonderful idea, keep me on your list of parties!


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