The Styles of a Senorita


Hola, my little Chiquita bananas. Spring is finally here, the sun is shining, the birdies are chirping (okay, they might be pigeons, but a girl can dream), and it’s about that time to celebrate for another darn good reason: Cinco de Mayo! This festive holiday is a great excuse for us to chug Coronas and slurp margaritas. For all the ladies out there reading this who choose not to lick it, slam it, and suck it in a cheap sombrero, it doesn’t mean that you can’t rock a little Mexican spirit on May 5th, or really any day this season, with – what else? Fashion, of course.

It’s no secret that Mexican-inspired fashion is peppering the racks at Barneys, adorning the windows of Bloomies, and being pranced down the runways. Embroidered tunics, breezy blouses, and ruffled dresses are mucho bueno for that warm weather rendezvous. Where oh wear can you add a little Latino love to your closet?

In this month’s Lucky mag (if you don’t have a subscription, shame on you!), one staffer’s “What I Want Now” features all Mexican-inspired goodness to give us ideas. Up-and-coming designer, Sam Mendoza, whose fall line was sold out over and over again, used Indian and Mexican inspiration for his Spring line. Check him out and be the first of all of your fashionista friends to sport his style. And who can forget the Cake Couture Mexican Dress that has been sold out thanks to Nicole Ritchie? Try checking eBay, love. Speaking of, while you’re perusing the site, hit up Mermade226 for an abundance of fabulous Latin looks.

So, I’ve given you a few ideas to get your new “it” item and what better day to debut then Cinco de Mayo? You’ll find me basking in the sun in my new gauzy embroidered dress, margarita in hand (who said I can’t have the best of both worlds?), sipping and soaking like a sexy senorita.

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Please don’t use mermade226 on ebay. She ripped a few people off including myself by not shipping my items.


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