The Woman Behind the Pink Carpet:
Spotlight on Maria Ruiz Botsacos


Maria and her family

When Sex and the City devotees flocked from far and wide to the premiere of the eagerly anticipated movie, they were treated to an event of truly Manolo-worthy proportions. Complimenting the glitz and glamour of Carrie and company was a backdrop of elegance, beauty and unapologetically fearless femininity, each detail of visual splendor perfectly positioned to inspire wonder and admiration. However, of the thousands of attendees, it seems unlikely that many stopped to consider the countless hours of planning and preparation, the careful logistical organization, and the immense amount of pure hard work and unbounded enthusiasm that had gone into the creation of such a fabulous event.

And that is exactly how Maria Ruiz Botsacos, founder and President of MAR Events and the force behind the aforementioned fete would have it. The ultimate measure of event success, says Maria, is an atmosphere of “pure fun and pleasure,” with the client and attendees remaining blissfully unaware of the unavoidable difficulties behind the scenes; indeed, it is these very challenges which constitute event planning’s most exciting elements. Moreover, beyond the polished execution revelatory of success, Maria strives to add an element of surprise (such as hula hoop dancers at Coney Island’s closing celebration) in order to create events which are nothing less than true epitomes of originality and perfection.

After gaining invaluable organizing fundraisers at Goldman Sachs, Ms. Botsacos’ transition into event planning nine years ago seemed only natural. Since then, MAR Events has gone from strength to strength, its sublime service in demand with clients of all sizes, from private companies to some of the most powerful and prestigious movie studios, charitable organizations and cultural institutions. Yet what truly makes this party powerhouse unique is Maria’s direct and complete involvement in the planning process, as well as her hands-on approach during the execution. Not only is she “a true consultant” offering a fountain of knowledge and advice, but she makes clients of all distinctions feel involved, in control, yet guided by an expert who’s dedication is rivaled only be her enthusiasm. MAR Events also rises above the competition through the adaptability of its well-heeled leader, as Maria caters to the needs of her clients on a range levels, offering her capabilities in a variety of different capacities.

Amidst the competing demands of long hours, exigent clients, a whole host of vendors, and a team of dedicated employees who rely on her for expert guidance – not to mention the myriad day-to-day complications which come with the territory – Maria manages to keep a cool demeanor and clear mindset even in the midst of what mere mortals would perceive of as unbounded chaos. Perhaps even more significantly, Ms. Botsacos is the personification of a very rare combination: a driven, hardworking, professional as well as a successful mother and wife. Balancing a career in a fast-paced environment with quality time spent with the people who remain most important to her, Maria is able to create an inspiring mélange between her home life and work; she shares her projects and imparts her imbued enthusiasm for event planning, in this way involving her whole family on a creative level.

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