Theater: ‘The Astronaut Love Show’


Fred Sauter and Paul Leschen, the creative duo who brought us the critically acclaimed Off-Broadway musical “Bedbugs!!!”, embark on a new journey into another realm with “The Astronaut Love Show.”

It’s a tale based on a lineup of three of society’s relatively obscure space cadets — true stories ripped from the tabloids in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The writers have changed the names of those who have made news (Lisa Nowak, Armin Meiwes and Joyce McKinney), presumably for legal reasons.

The jet stream and stage are set aflame as we soar into the absurd, and the grotesque, self-indulgent galaxies of the characters with a plot that includes a NASA stalker who drove across the country (allegedly wearing a diaper) to confront her nemesis: A salacious beauty queen accused of kidnapping a Mormon missionary who later gained fame as the first person to clone her dog: Thirdly, a cannibal from Germany who made din-din with his more than willing dinner guest.

All together, it’s a ménage à trois of craziness over love/lust.


Fans of this zany musical partnership will be pleased by some of the content and performances, but not so much by the raw, barebones production or sitcom direction. “Bedbugs!!!” it is not. Hopefully with time, focus and rewrites, it too could be a fantastical, epic and otherworldly journey.

Expect a retro-inspired score and a hyperbolic book, “The Astronaut Love Show” is a work in progress (it runs 140 minutes with no intermission). The cast includes: Nick DeMatteo, Injoy Fountain, Amber Martin, Ross McCorkell, Mark Rinzel and Samantha Stoltzfus.

If you are up for some out-of-the-box (stratosphere) theater or visiting the city this weekend and want to see how a musical goes thru development by smaller but equally important stagings, come to the East Village.

Closing Date: November 22, 2015

Photos by Jonathan Tichler

The Astronaut Love Show
KGB – Kraine Theater
85 E. Fourth St.
E. Village

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