Theatre for Girls AND Boys

I was at dinner with a few girlfriends awhile back when they started teasing me about taking my son to Fancy Nancy the Musical, Pinkalicious and a number of other shows for young audiences. They said it was shame that there wasn’t more theatre out there geared for boys. Thank goodness it was I who was the target of their banter and not my son. I truly believe that the theatre is for everyone and both males and females alike should be allowed to enjoy it ALL. That being said, I’d be lying if I said my son didn’t have a particularly awesome time watching Broadway’s “Spiderman, Turn Off the Dark” and “The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told”. But let it be known, so did my daughter.

“Spiderman: Turn Off the Dark”

Don’t miss this truly spectacular comic-book-brought-to-life, now playing through January 4th in Times Square. The imagination and creativity behind this production (not to mention the aerial acrobatics taking place over the audience) are truly awe-inspiring. The music of U2 and the direction of Philip Wm. McKinley and Julie Taymor (who brought “The Lion King” on Broadway to life) really shine through in this action-packed musical. There were a couple of loud, sudden noises and a few graphic images, but overall, the show was done in such a way that it is appropriate for any super-hero fan of any age. My 5-year-old son loved every minute of it – especially when Spiderman comes into the audience and covers everyone with spider webs! I just hope he doesn’t expect this level of spectacle at the next Broadway show he sees! Visit for more information and to purchase tickets.

“The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told”

Christopher Leidenfrost’s half-scripted/half-improvised musical comedy, “The Greatest Pirate Story Never Told” is now playing in an open run at the Snapple Theatre in midtown, NYC. The show will run Thursdays at 8:00 p.m. and Saturdays at 11 a.m. This madcap, musical adventure revolves around Captain Henry Martin and his stalwart crew, who have been flung into the future by a befuddled sea witch to perform the greatest pirate epic ever seen on stage. But with their script torn asunder, these pirates-turned-players are forced to improvise their show as it unfolds, based upon the audience’s suggestions. Both grownups and children will enjoy the Saturday morning production. The multi-talented performers are impressively hilarious, making each performance unique and fun for audiences of all ages. More information can be found at

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