They Brought You Into This World…
Reward Them Amply!


It’s that time of year again when we have to think about what to get the parents who have everything or don’t want anything. Whether your parents live in New York City or far away, we all know that they deserve SOMETHING. But what? Don’t panic. Let’s start with what not to get this year. No ties, socks underwear or handkerchiefs for Dad and definitely no perfume, kitchenware or slippers for Mom. So maybe this year you’ll get Mom and Dad what they really want – or at least something they’ll love.

The Literary In-the-City Mom


Give your Mom the game that was made for bookworms called, “It Was a Dark and Stormy Night: A Game of First Lines.” Players compete to identify authors and titles with only the first line of each book as a clue. Find this gem at for $49.95.

The Cluttered In-the-City Mom

Give your Mom the gift of a personal organizer for her closets if they are chocked full of stuff left over from when you used to live there. Try California Closets which has several New York City locations listed at

The Out-of-the-City Jet-Setting Mom


If your Mom travels to see you in New York or takes vacations, get her this cashmere travel set, including a cashmere blanket, memory-foam pillow, satin airline pillow case and padded satin eye mask. Find it for $275.00 at

The Out-of-the-City Gardening Mom

Try sending your Mom a gift of tomato heaven which includes twelve of the finest tomato seeds for her garden. Twelve tomato seedlings are $49.95 and a lightweight hand rake is $12.95 on

The Sporting In-the-City Dad


If your Dad loves any sport, get him tickets to see his favorite team. Splurge and buy him front row seats on or Everyone deserves that experience at least once in their lives.

The Fitness In-the-City Dad

Give Dad the gift of a personal trainer who will tailor a program just for him. No more overdoing it or under doing it. Tell Dad it’s time to work with his body and not against it. Check out Dad’s local gym for a trainer so he doesn’t have to travel far.

The Out-of-the-City Driving Dad

Since everyone outside of New York City drives, your Dad is sure to need something for his car. Why not get him some unique car gadget. He may not think he needs a GPS system, but what man doesn’t need some direction?

The Out-of-the-City Barbecue Dad

[ggparents2.jpg] Send your Dad a case of New York City’s best barbecue sauce from the Blue Smoke restaurant. Blue Smoke K.C. Recipe barbecue sauce is just a click away at Promise you will come out for a visit and taste his barbecue creation.

If you’re still in a quandary, try these websites with unique gifts for the Mom and Dad who have everything: and

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