This Valentine’s Day, Have a Love Affair with your Curly Hair


It’s a well known fact that everyone wants what they can’t have. Tall girls want to be short and short girls want to be tall. Brunettes want to be blonde and blondes want to be…well maybe not. But it’s about time us curly girls really gave those straight-haired broads something to be jealous about.

Did you know 70% of us have naturally curly hair?!

With gorgeous locks one day and wild, unruly knots the next, curly hair may be a mixed blessing, which is why Ouidad, “The Curly Hair Expert,” created her own formula for defined, soft, shiny and manageable curls.


With 30 years of experience, Ouidad was the very first stylist and salon owner in the country to specialize in curly hair, and now she is the go-to-girl for beauty consultants and editors. She even has a trademark cutting technique, “Carving and Slicing,” that has received sheer approval. This Valentine’s Day, she’s inviting all her curly-haired sista’s to check it out at her “Curl’s Night Out.”

The evening, hosted at the flagship Ouidad Salon, will include: style demonstrations, curl consultations, giveaways, and a sneak peak at Ouidad’s latest (so-new-it’s-not-even-in-stores) love potion for curls. Stop by for a Curl-tini, some free samples and 25 percent of all product sales – which will be donated to Curls for a Cure.

RSVP required. Visit to reserve your chair.

WHAT: Curls Night Out with Ouidad
WHEN: Monday, February 11th from 5-8 pm
WHERE: The Ouidad Salon, 37 West 57th, 4th Floor, 212.888.3288

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  1. While I feel that Quidad has set a following for her products I feel that she has missed the mark in completely contolling curly hair in ALL Climates.

    The key here is to use a waterproof product to completely control frizzy hair when climates reach uncomfortable situations. Dry desert climates saps the moisture from hair and humid climates overload hair with moisture making it flat or huge and definitely frizzy.

    All of her products and other products like them do not have the ability to control frizzy hair completely. While her products make the hair look good for a while, climate changes breakdown moisturizers, conditioners, gels and any other products that are water soluble.

    Hair is dead and there is no way to recontruct or fix it once damaged. Hair can be made to “feel good” but eventually water soluble products can not meet the challenge.

    We have had incredible results with Moisture Block from Sabino Hair Solutions because it is the only product, literally, that controls frizz in any climate … guaranteed. Check it out This is not a push for our product but instead a way to let people know that an alternative exists with the first break through in hair products, of which there is no competition. It doesn’t require a system of many products and time to achieve what every woman has wanted to accomplish with their hair. Our loyal following and testimonials prove our success rate.

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