Tibi Partners with Patterns


The 70s is a truly remarkable decade for style: a time for hippy frocks and psychedelic swirls as well as high-waisted pants and flowing blouses – a combo that was somewhat neglected, until now. Tibi, however, has traveled back in time to bring back the silhouettes. Patterns with brown, orange and white highlights are the staple of almost every look. The cable-knit leggings and knee-highs look comfy enough to welcome chilly weather. Most surprising is the juxtaposition of somewhat rough tweeds with silk tops.

On the other hand, if you want to stand in the disco ball spotlight, make sure to invest in one of Tibi’s long, airy dresses. Trust us, even the angels will be jealous.


Ayako, make up artist extraordinaire, also looked back to the 70s for inspiration. Using Nars cosmetics, she adds flirtation to innocence with the bat of an eyelash. The focus of the look lies on extremely clumpy eyelashes. You can mimic the “bedtime eyes” by using a black liner on the inside and layering the mascara.


Those of you blessed with beautiful skin can skimp on foundation, just tap some powder along the jawline, forehead and cheeks. Apply light blush; Ayako used Nars Dolce Vita to create a rosy glow. Finally, top it all off with a beige lips color and dab a minute amount of gloss with your finger. Lips will look most natural if they are not too shiny or too matte, says Ayako.


To compliment the playful, yet sophisticated ensembles, Kevin Ryan, hair stylist, used Bumble and Bumble products to create whimsical curls suited for “the prettiest girl out of the yearbook.” He used rollers to pin the hair in the back, then polished the look with a curling iron to create sausage curls in the front. “It’s a little bit Stevie Nicks, a little bit 70s, and a little bit, the pretties girl in high school,” he adds.

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