Tonal Temptations [Give in This August at ARROJO Studio]



Calling all hair color virgins! The time for sweet innocence is past; purity is no longer in vogue, thanks to ARROJO Studio. This vibrant and invigorating hair salon, which opened in SoHo in 2001 and now includes 30 world-class colorists and cutters, has a fabulous, irresistible offer to those virtuous ladies who have held out and resisted the tints, hues, and highlights offered by every salon, awaiting that perfect moment, that special place, those gentle fingers…ARROJO is offering 25% off hair color services during the month of August, so quit staring in the mirror, pulling listlessly at your mousy locks and wondering where it all went wrong, and instead book an appointment today; just try and remember amidst all the excitement that only the anticipation of a hair makeover can bring to mention “hair color offer” when you call.

If you are still not convinced that getting your pretty self down to ARROJO is without a doubt of the utmost importance and should take precedence over all other engagements, deadlines and outings, then just pause to consider the unrivalled attention and care both you and your hair will get at ARROJO Studio. Not only is the salon itself of the calming, chic, yet refreshingly minimalist variety, but the staff are technical innovators with a true understanding of all mane matters, working under the renowned stylist Nick Arrojo of What Not to Wear fame and offering warm, welcoming service. It simply could not get any better, right? Well actually, considering the price list below, it does. Cast your eye over the beyond fantastic offers, and you will quickly see that there is only one slight complication: how on earth do you decide which one to go for?

Hair cuts starting at $50 to $131 (normally $65 – $175)
Hair color (single process) starting at $50 to $78 (normally $65 – $ 105)
Highlights (half head) starting at $82 to $138 (down from $110 – 185)
Highlights (full head) staring at $101 to $162 (regularly $135 – $215)
Single process + half head highlights starting at $105 to $176 (usually $140 – $235)
Single process + full head highlights starting at $123 to $206 (normally $165 – $275)

What: 25% discount on all hair color services at ARROJO Salon
Where: ARROJO Salon, 180 Varick Street
When: August 1 – 31, 2007
Monday – Friday 11:30 am – 7 pm
Contact: 212-242-7786 or check out

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