Top 5 Picks for Restaurant Week In New York City 2020

Servers are rushing through kitchen doors with dishes and drinks balanced overhead on large serving trays, the culinary arts are in full swing!   From now until February 9, 2020, you should take advantage of Restaurant Week New York – 2020.

Here are a few of my best suggestions:


What to expect: American bistro with a large following of foodies due to the awards they have won – Michelin agrees. The owners are Jason Weiner and Eric Lemonides who get a lot of their produce and fish/seafood from Long Island. Raw seafood and steaming pots of black mussels are the most popular appetizers before the main course. Anticipate a lot of distant locals who live on Long Island with a capital G.

Mon–Fri: Lunch – $26
Mon–Fri: Dinner – $42
Sun: Brunch/Lunch – $26

Tip: Make a reservation in advance especially on the weekends.


 What to Expect: This eccentric and jazzy restaurant serves up some very interesting dishes (comfort food?) from famed chef, Marcus Samuelsson. If you are lucky to score a table, there could be live music and visual artists abundant. Dress to the extreme, pull up a chair and buckle-up for a great experience.


Helga’s Meatballs –Veal meatballs, mustard gravy, blackberry jam.

Deviled Eggs (2 piece) –Black eyed pea mayo, fried capers, onion jam.

Entrée Choices:

Hot Honey Yardbird –Light and dark meat, garlic mash, braised succotash, dirty gravy.

Juneteenth Noodle Soup — White fish, potato, bok choy, rice noodles, curry stew.

Can you dress my dill — Grilled napa cabbage, cucumber salad, fried onion, dill vinaigrette.


Red Rooster Doughnut— Seasonal compote.

Tip: This rooster only offers the Restaurant Week menu for lunch. $26 per person and available until Friday, Feb 7th.


What to Expect: Reminiscent of a scene or chapter out of “The Great Gatsby,” this midtown club is just a Playbill throw away from most Broadway shows. A stunning dinning room with excellent service and inspired menu will take a bow.

Tip: It’s one of the best secrets for steak in NYC. Order a side of Chimichurri sauce.

Call for details: 212-575-4949


What to Expect: If you don’t know the name Josephine Baker, shame on you! This New York landmark eatery was created by her French/American and entrepreneurial son Jean-Claude: I miss seeing him barking out instructions to the staff while wearing a kimono. His spirit lives on and on and on the decadent and often smarmy street that everyone knows.  42nd Street (Near 9th Avenue). Pass on the Applebees and Dollar Pizza slice and you are home.

Expect to dine with escargots and more delicacies from the land that gave us foie gras.

Tip: The Filet Mignon and grilled Sward Fish are showstoppers. The décor is in the vein of Moulin Rouge. A jazz trio will likely be there hitting the 88s and stroking the strings.

TEMPLE COURT by Tom Colicchio

What to Expect: Within the luxurious Beekman Hotel resides Temple Court by Tom Colicchio. Their menu features seasonal dishes inspired by old classics such as Chestnut Soup, Lobster Thermador and Banana Puding.

Tip: Their Berkshire Pork Chop is a signature dish and served with honeycrisp, apple and sage. This popular spot requires reservations. Good luck!

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