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ABC (Magic) Carpet Ride Through India



ABC Home and Carpet is host to GATEWAY TO INDIA, a celebration of the ancient wisdom, beauty, and soul of India which is going on now through March 14th. Experience the fascinating art, spirituality, food, and beauty treatments that represent India – for a short time you can get in touch with your inner swami at this fantastical world of Asian splendor.

Sponsors for the event include TAJ Hotel resorts and palaces, The Chopra Center and Spa at Dream, The India Trade Promotion Organization, and Air India. Five percent of all proceeds from the month long event are donated to the William J. Clinton Foundation (which helps those living with AIDS/HIV in developing countries).


The Colors of India Collection is a beguiling collection of home furnishings and antiques of India. Opulent silks, burnished woods, sumptuous hand woven rugs and extraordinary colors inspire you to transform your home into a mystical and sacred space. Take inspiration from the jewel tones of a Sari or adorn yourself with a piece of breathtaking gold jewelry and channel your inner exotic princess.

I can see myself gliding through my redecorated apartment, a shimmering golden haze of exoticism and style. (Well I can dream, can’t I?)

Take a visit to Taj Travel on the first floor, and you can plan your “Tattva Signature Travel Experience” – an authentic individualized tour designed to bring you into the soul of India. “Tattva” is the Sanskrit word for “essence,” which evokes the experience of each worldly elemental property. These tours are built on the spiritual principles of balancing these elementals – earth, ether, fire, water, air and sky – with corresponding activities for each: the earthy spirit of eastern artistry, the fiery spirit of the cuisine, the ether of culture and religion, water through healing trips through southern India, air through the flights of fancy of India’s heritage, and sky through trips across the vast Indian wilderness.

If you find yourself needing sustenance, you can refuel with a taste of India in the dining rooms of Pipa or Lucy Latin Kitchen. A special Indian menu is offered in addition to the restaurant’s regular fare, including such exceptional dishes as Goa Prawn Curry with Rice, Masala Sea Bass at Lucy and Candied Beta Wada, or Tandoori Salmon at Pipa. can quickly and easily assist you with reservations.

After satiating your stomach, you’ll need time to soothe your soul and pamper your skin. Shobha joins the Ayurvedic experts from The Chopra Center and Spa to offer you Indian style healing and holistic beauty. Shobha’s ancient rituals leave you radiant – employing relaxing and deep cleansing facials that feature the secrets of old.

With a perfect fit for all skin types, their treatments range from $55 to $140 dollars and promise you will leave rejuvenated and glowing. Duly purified, stumble over to the Chopra Center and Spa’s treatment area for balancing and blissful body-massage treatments customized to your Dosha. (Your Ayurvedic mind/body type – I wonder which one signifies scrambled brain/exhausted body?) Warm herbal oils and therapeutic massage bring you to a state of balanced bliss at prices ranging from $65 to $130 (Dosha Consultations are complimentary). Also available are traditional henna tattoos (a perfect addition to a night out scantily clad with a sexy halter), eyebrow threading (in my opinion less painful than waxing) and weekend mystical readings by Natasha Singh. You may make appointments by phoning 212.473.3000 x 590.

Additional special events at ABC Home’s Marigold Theatre include a screening of the Academy Award winning documentary, “Born Into Brothels” and a discussion with composer John McDowell on 3/3, a night of “The Gods of Yoga” with dancer, musician and yoga instructor Derek Beres on 3/8 and on 3/11 an “Introduction to Lovingkindness Meditation” with Sharon Salzberg, co-founder of the Insight Meditation Society. To register for preferred seating for these free events and more you can email [email protected]


ABC Carpet and Home is located at 881 and 888 Broadway. For more information visit ABCHOME.COM or call 212.473.3000.

To find out more about the William J. Clinton Foundation visit

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