Travel to Spain and Israel with a Virtual Guided Tasting Experience

You can travel to Spain and Israel, and envelop yourself in a tasting smorgasbord, while sightseeing along the way. If that sounds tempting, it is possible with the Virtual Guided Tastings experience, from NutriFit and Txoko. I had a blast with this virtual tasting experience, that was enhanced by the sights of Spain and Israel, narrated live by the hosts, and visitors who had immersed themselves in the local culture.

Participants chose between a nine course Omnitarian or Vegetarian menu, designed by the hosts, two Michelin star chef and NutriFit executive sous chef, Oscar Gonzalez, and NutriFit founder, Jackie Keller. This duo created Txoko, to bring virtual food tastings and travel stories together, after the pandemic hit. The food is sourced from their own, local, organic farm. The Omnitarian selection included a filet mignon and shrimp, along with many of the same vegetarian selections. I chose the Omnitarian tasting menu, along with three wines that paired with specific courses. I felt important when my tasting menu and wines arrived the morning of the event, all the way from California.

Stained glass window from La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

I was excited to sign on to Zoom and begin the tasting. In addition to food, the kit came with a heavenly scented herb and flower sachet and a votive tea candle which we could light for the meal. The night began at 9:30 pm here on the East Coast and 6:30 pm in California, where most of the participants lived. The group was small enough, approximately 24 guests, that we could ask questions or comment as the tasting progressed. It was a cozy and comfortable event, where everyone bonded over good food, wine, or mocktails, depending upon your selection. The evening was leisurely, with no feeling that we were rushed.

Next stop, Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria! If you have not experienced a virtual food tasting, it is worth trying one by Txoko. The food was great, and you never know who you might meet. It is a safe and fun way to socialize in the comfort of your own home.

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