Treadwell Park on the UES Brewed for LI

If you’re on the UES and still haven’t found a place to catch the Super Bowl, turn into Treadwell Park on 1st/62nd. Formerly Neely’s Barbeque Parlor, the impressive two-storied space was repurposed into a beer-hall mecca over a year ago. If you didn’t know already, you should, especially if you’re a craft-beer enthusiast or thinking about being one.

Certified Cicerone and Treadwell’s Beverage Director, Anne Becerra, has traveled and imbibed widely, evident in the carefully curated list of beers rotated weekly. The beer menu is progressive, transitioning from stock and unique pilsners and lagers to pale ales, American IPAs and imperial IPAs to wild ales, sours, and farmhouse ales to finally, ambers, stouts, and porters; the bottled list completes the palette. For initiates, the menu educates with select beer-style specs. And few craft-beer sanctuaries can say they have flux capacitor: an instrument that controls an exact balance of nitrogen and carbon dioxide for a perfect pour.

For true gourmands, the reserve list is boastful and passionate with selections fingered from around the world.
If this isn’t enough, Treadwell also mixes up artisanal cocktails with independent spirits, a nuanced menu with wings and grass-fed burgers (the Merchant’s Signature Burger is exceptional) and beer floats as 12 HDTV’s give you no excuse to miss the game.

Treadwell Park’s opening, nearly simultaneous to City Hops’, has made 60-62nd blocks consecrated ground for craft-beer apostles following The Jeffrey’s footsteps, covering territory to The Gingerman in midtown.

If you plan on hibernating for the game, think about its Crowler/Wings Take Away Package—25 Wings, Choice of 2 Crowlers with IPA, Pilsner or Wheat Beer. But hurry, you need a 48-hour advance.

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