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Attention, one and all! The ladies of have made a royal proclamation that you will no longer have to buy full size bottles of the fragrances you like (or think you might like) if you don’t want to. By combining their individual collections as sellers on eBay, Diane Weissman, Lisa Lawler, Patty Geissler and Nancy Hirshbein created a hand decanting fragrance service distributing hundreds of perfumes from the U.S. and abroad, including easy to get and some incredibly hard to find items, to fickle fragrance wearers, cautious buyers and those in all around need of a good scent for a good price.


What’s decanting? These dames “spray, pour, or use sterile pipettes to take perfume from its original large bottle and repackage it in a smaller bottle.” You can order a perfume of choice bottled in sizes ranging from 1ml. sample vials to a 1 fl. oz. decants. And when we say “of choice,” we mean it. The princesses of The Perfumed Court wrangle in rare, discontinued, vintage and uncommon, in addition to the common, scents from all over world via boutiques in Paris, estate sales and many other venues. They even get new creations straight from perfumers. These people are time and energy saving God-sends.

“[We] make it available for people to try before they start out on the search to get their own bottle, to avoid the disappointment of jumping through a lot of hoops and expense, only to find out it’s a good perfume, but doesn’t suit them very well,” says Geissler. This service is also a great option for those who change fragrances frequently and never use a full bottle, those who want to wear the scent for a little while to test it before investing, those who love having lots of choices or those who want the scent for nostalgic purposes.

“One of our clients wanted some of the perfume her mother wore, she had broken her bottle, and she wanted it in the original formula, which is extrait and discontinued. She didn’t want a bottle of it, and she doesn’t want to wear it, she just wants to smell it occasionally because it smells like her mom. So, she bought a little decant from us that she can smell as she wants without having to spend a lot of money for that comfort.”


If you frequent the site enough, there is the Perfumed Courtier Buyer Rewards Program, where you earn percentage off future purchases depending on how much you spend. So let The Perfumed Court find your next “crown jewel” by visiting them at or off with your head!

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