Turning Junk Mail into Art

Greenfield Paper Company celebrates is 18th birthday today, sharing the celebration with Earth Day, who turns 40. The company has been creating innovative, eco-friendly paper products from unlikely ingredients that would typically end up in landfills.

Their PaperEvolution line turned things like coffee beans, old denim blue jeans and garlic skins into individual sheets of paper used for original note sets. (insert garlic-skin-vampire-love-letter-joke here).

Though their newest endeavor lead them to invite friends, family and employees to what we’re sure was the first ever paper shredding party. Fully equipped with champagne in one hand and junk mail in the other. Guests shredded credit card offers, publishers clearing house letters and cable company triple-play specials (seriously Time Warner, I’m not interested!) that would be turned into their 100% Junk Mail card collection.

Handmade with recycled bulk mail and post consumer waste, the card collection gives a much-needed reprieve to the 100 million trees the U.S. Forest Service estimates die at the hands of American junk mail production each year. Named the “Recycle Earth” collection, the paper is handcrafted one sheet at a time and then printed on using soy-based inks. The cards come in a variety of eco-conscious designs and are the perfect way to share some loving words with family and friends on any occasion.

Visit http://www.greenfieldpaper.com to learn more about their handmade eco-paper options.

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artist sandhi schimmel gold turns junk mail into fine art. http://www.schimmelart.com


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