Unique Books for Valentine’s Day

Think of offering a distinctive book as a gift this Valentine’s Day. Reading is a lost art in the digital era, yet it is an easy way to unwind and engage the mind to calm it, enthrall it, and impart a meditative respite from all of the confusion in the world.

Chronicle Books, a San Francisco based publisher, has a vast collection of innovative and beautiful books that both teach and inspire.

Chronicle books recently published a retrospective compilation of the work of Iranian French architect and interior designer India Mahdavi, known as the “reigning queen of color,” which is fascinating and inspiring. Creator of whimsical spaces and delightful interiors infused with playful palettes, India Mahdavi has designed the Coburg Bar at London’s Connaught Hotel, The Rivington Hotel in Manhattan, and The Townhouse in Miami among other projects, including my favorite the decoration of the Ladurée restaurants.

The incredible colors and uncommon shapes in the designer’s work come to life in this incredible art book that contains hundreds of page-length reproductions of the designer’s most original creations. Speak about a gorgeous display of color and mind-boggling designs that allow you to step into the very mind of the influential decorator! You may be inspired right away to rearrange your living room or to tune up its color scheme while becoming aware of how design influences your own well being. Living in a lovely, artfully designed interior is a simple way to heighten your existence and make each moment count. India Mahdavi worked on the book during the pandemic’s lockdown as she became aware how important it is to live in a stress-free environment that allows the mind to be wondrous and adventurous right at home.

Think of giving this book for yourself or a favorite friend. The book comes with an illustrated cardboard case to protect its contents. Leave the book on your coffee table so that you can pick it up whenever you need a little boost for the imagination or an escape from your worries. Included is a flier India’s World with full page photographs taken by the artist from random moments to inspired compositions.

This special book will bring joy to any one who loves color, playful invention and beauty not to mention to all fans of India Mahdavi.

Price: $65

Available: https://www.chroniclebooks.com/products/india-mahdavi

Journaling is another way to unwind and meditate, to release stress and connect with yourself. The Notebook Set The Wild Unknown by Kim Krans is an original thoughtful gift for the introspective writer or journal fan in your group of friends. Inspired by The Wild Unknown memoire and the Tarot and Oracle decks by Kim Krans, the notebook set can be used as a journal or an art book for sketching and writing down thoughts or quotes. The notebooks are part of a collection of items that incorporates the mysteries of the natural world and the animal kingdom, and includes illustrations by the artist on the cover. A perfect gift for the tarot card fan or a devotee of mysteries and of consciousness (including tweens and teenagers), the super soft paper has a gold edge and invites thoughts to be poured in.

Price: $14.95

Available: https://www.chroniclebooks.com/collections/wellness-gifts/products/the-wild-unknown-notebook-set