Venexiana Has News From the Home Front


According to Kati Stern, the designer for Venexiana, her Fall 2007 collection “exudes the romantic elegance of old-world Hollywood glamour.” In a way, I can see what she means. Her line isn’t so much red carpet glitz and Gentlemen-Prefer-Blondes decadence, but rather the Hollywood interpretation of America at War – World War II, that is. There was velvet, fur, and silk, but so drably hued and constructed that I expected them to pitch war bonds from the end of the runway. This season at Venexiana, the news from the Home Front is certainly bleak.


At least the hair evoked some Rita and Marilyn. Paul Lebrecque created a side-parted soft wave with brushed out pin curls and range of products he personally designed. He recommends using his Daily Style Gel to create hold and the Straight Finish Spray to set the curl lightly. After the after brushing the curls gently, pin one side of the hair behind the ear for a peek-a-boo look and remove when you’re ready to greet your fans.

[Venexiana 2 JPEG]

Tay Mour added a layer of mystery with a sultry, smoky eye. He applied Nars gray and gold hued Lola Lola, Svengali, and Pandora and lined the upper and lower lashes with brown liner. The key, he says, is blending the shades into one, seamless wash of color. The lips took a natural shade, also by Nars, called Morocco with triple-X. The clothes may have been light on radiance, but the collection glowed from the neck up.

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