Thrustmaster Handles 25 Years in Gaming


Thrustmaster celebrated its 25th anniversary at the Intrepid Sea, Air, and Space Museum. Thrustmaster is neither an exercise gimmick nor an adult film. It’s a designer, developer, and manufacturer of joysticks, game controllers, and steering wheels for PCs and video game consoles.

The former World War II battleship was all geeked-out with virtual reality and gaming junkies queued up at the four interactive flight simulation and virtual reality demo stations to experience Thrustmaster’s creations and claim to fame.

Here is what I discovered at their recent launch.


Thrustmaster acquired exclusive licensing agreements since 1990 with prestigious brands including Ferrari, TOP GUN, Beretta, Splinter Cell, and the U.S. Air Force as well as a selection of Xbox products. The company became a celebrity after making its high-end proprietary HOTAS controllers in the mid-1990’s used for flight simulation on IBM compatible computers.


Select experts and industry deities attested to Thrustmaster’s quality innovation during speeches before inviting enthusiasts to test-drive their lineup of custom controllers at four different gaming stations each hosting a particular joystick and accompanied game or simulation. Impatient cocktail lines and finger food coiled through, as the DJ’s lineup of electro-hop music filled in the techno-speak.


If you’re new to virtual reality, first try one of the diet mobile versions before getting into the heavy stuff. Their newest darlings, the T.16000M FCS, TWCS Throttle, and TFRP T. Flight Rudder Pedals were paired with an Oculus Rift headset for a flight simulation game. In this level of virtual space, you feel like you’re in a womb. But the ride is immersive, and you need tested hand eye coordination to even maneuver a vessel. After unstrapping, you see how remarkable the fan-base’s commitment is.


If you’re a neophyte to the movement, there are plenty of amateur experts to aid in your initiation. If you virtually crash land at an event like this, you may walk out in reality with a tee shirt like the pros wear.

For a virtual tour, visit

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