Warrior Princesses at Tadashi

You would want to meet a woman in Tadashi in a dark alley. His Fall 2007 collection is made for your average urban Amazon, chain mail and breast plate included. Basket weave silver and gold dresses, along with studded gowns and sequined bodices, gave the models the look of having been dipped in liquid metal – a good thing, just in case you find yourself in the path of a stray arrow. There’s no piercing this luxe body armor.


The backstage was full of such warrior princesses. Jason Hoffman, the principle makeup artist for Shu Uemura, gave the models strong eyes with copper and deep brown shades, and topped it off with a pair of faux mink false lashes for a dose of sultriness. For those us less skilled when it comes to glue and mink, he recommends using only half of the lashes and placing them at the outer corners of the eyes.


Stylist Bokhee gave the Tadashi’s models a “punch of a hair style” with a tucked-under bob and a swept-back style secured by a comb. Simple in both appearance and execution, it’s one look that won’t require an on-call stylist. Simply pull back the hair with a wrap-around comb and loop and pin rest at the back of the head. It’s off the neck, away from the face, and chic enough to intimidate any opponent. Get ready to rumble.

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