Water Works:
How The Cutting Edge Aqua Rejuvenation Facial Can Change Your Skin


If someone told you that your face needed a power-wash, you’d probably be insulted. Mais non mes amies…not when they say it with a French accent!

French artist Antoinette Crowne has a great love for texture. Texture in art and texture in skin care. When she discovered the revolutionary Aqua Rejuvenation technology, which she tells me changed the texture of her own skin, she put her art on hold to bring the treatment and signature machines to fortunate American women. Her first stop? The Big Apple.

I visited Antoinette to experience this “power washing” facial, as I have indelicately dubbed the treatment. Not knowing what to expect, I immediately felt at ease in her clearly capable hands. Antoinette has logged countless hours (and plenty of frequent flyer miles) jetting between NYC and Paris, where she keeps herself on the very cutting edge when it comes to using Aqua Rejuvenation.


Aqua Rejuvenation is a therapeutic facial that uses something called hydrodynamics to rid skin of toxins while infusing vitamins and antioxidants to help fight free radicals. The treatment starts with a micro-dermabrasion process that utilizes powdered organic olive pits instead of harsh and potentially hazardous aluminum oxide. This first phase is necessary to exfoliate the corneal layer of the skin. The second phase uses micro-jets and sterile water, along with a vacuum, to open the pores, increase circulation and enhance collagen production. It feels different from anything else I’ve experienced so far as facials go.

The third phase also uses water. Here’s the part that reminds me of being power-washed. Using a pressurized tube equivalent to 18+ bars, water that is blended with vitamins and anti oxidants (no chemicals, no preservatives) is literally infused into the skin. Their studies show that this moisturizing and anti-aging cocktail is delivered all the way down to the papillary dermis – five times deeper than any other known technology, with the exception of mesotherapy. Aqua Rejuvenation has been FDA approved and is non-invasive.

Immediate results that I experienced were smaller pores, healthy glow to my skin, and a real feeling of my skin being hydrated (which in this city, with all its irritants, is almost impossible). I am going back for more treatments, because I understand that the longer term results should include anti-aging and reduction in hyper pigmentation (from all of the lovely hours I spent frying myself du soleil).

With all this talk about my lovely post-power-washed skin, you’re probably wanting to know how you can get in on the action, n’est ce-que pas? Well, darlings…do I have a scoop for you.


Antoinette is graciously offering $100 off of your first treatment. You need only telephone for an appointment and mention that you learned about Aqua Rejuvenation from Beauty News. Her office is located at 220 Madison Ave (btwn 36th and 37th) and her number is 631-767-7764.

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