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Commitment is overrated. Or so says your last boyfriend who just couldn’t stay faithful, so you get it (kind of). Take for example that crazy expensive but gorgeous hat. You wanted to wear it to that party, but really couldn’t justify spending $400 since you weren’t sure where else you could wear it.

Enter http://www.WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com started by former Lucky editor, Madeline M. Passarelli. She gets it and knows spending too much for clothes is passé and totally overrated. Wear Today Gone Tomorrow is a resource for women to find something fabulous, without the guilt. We’ve all felt that nagging remorse after spending too much on something we knew we really didn’t need. The site features apparel from brands like Elizabeth and James, Zac Posen and Tracy Reese.

So all you do is log on, sign up and begin borrowing. Whoa who whoa there nelly! FYI it’s not free; you actually pay by the week to rent the item, but that’s just ten percent of the retail cost. Sounds pretty great to us. It’s like having a best friend who has a lot of fantastic clothes and bags and shoes. And we all need one of those.

http://www.WearTodayGoneTomorrow.com for more information

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