What do you do when it’s a cold, windy and rainy?

What do you do when it’s a cold, windy and rainy night in New York City? You go to a party, of course! Thursday night I found myself in an apartment in the Meat Packing District watching Walter Shreifel’s new band Walking Concert perform an acoustic show. For an acoustic gig, there were a lot of amps.

The band played to friends, fellow musicians and other industry types. An open bar started at 8 PM, and the alcohol helped keep us warm and merry. Oh, the apartment! It had exposed brick walls, hardwood floors and a row of windows facing the street. No, I don’t have apartment envy at all.

Anyway, back to the music, Walter founded the hardcore band Gorilla Biscuits when he was 16. They released Start Today (Revelation Records) and toured throughout the 80’s. After Gorilla Biscuits, he then founded Quicksand. That band headlined the Warped tour, and played with White Zombie, Rage and others.

Walking Concert is Walter’s third band and it shines with a bouncy mix of Power Pop and Garage. The music is upbeat, frenzied and fun. It’s the sound you want to hear at a party, bar or live. From the opening chords to the last fade away, the jammed apartment roared with approval for every note. Check out their debut CD, Run to be Born (Some Records) or hit their website http://www.walkingconcert.com for show dates and to look at the pretty pictures.

I’ve been listening to Depeche Mode Remixes 81-04 (mute/reprise) way too much lately. It’s got the gems – Personal Jesus, Just Can’t Get Enough, Strange Love and more remixed by the likes of Underworld, Goldfrapp, Air and more. It’s damn addictive.

The annual WFMU Record Fair is going on today, November 5 until 10 PM, and Saturday from 10 AM – 7PM at the Metropolitan Pavilion 125 West 18th Street. Entry fee $5.00 Over 200 record dealers will be selling music from every conceivable genre. It’s a dangerous annual event, because you know you can never buy just one CD.

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