What’s on Their Wish List This Holiday Season?
We asked some of our Favorite Go-To Girls, and They Told Us!

There’s nothing run-of-the-mill about this bevy of beauties. You read their stories on the web and know that they’re a super group of talented writers who curate the best products you’ll want to try. As a fellow beauty writer, I’m proud to be amongst them. Their personal styles range from over-the-edge edgy to uber chic classic and everything in-between; so I thought it would be fun to find out what’s on their wish lists and post it here on BeautyNewsNYC. I asked them to name a product or service they’d like to receive. Here’s what they’re hoping for…..

Dina Fierro

“If Tom Ford’s had his hands on something, it’s a safe bet that I want it. Most notably on my list this Christmas is the Limited Edition Nail Color Set available exclusively at Neiman Marcus. With a range of 16 colors, leaning from subtle to dramatic, you’ll never need another nail lacquer.”

Bryce Gruber

“For Chanukkah, what I’d really like is a giant bottle of extra virgin organic coconut oil. Not a small, Trader Joes jar. I want a giant one gallon (or more) jug that’ll last me forever and encourage me to use it for all the things I know it’s good for… split ends, dry skin, sore nipples (thanks, little infant!), cuticle softening, and generally just about every other thing that requires intense moisture.”

Grace Gold

“I absolutely adore luxury candles. Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay and Diptyque Figuier are my favorites, and I feel like Marie Antoinette when I burn them while relaxing in my winter bubble baths. Oh, the indulgence! I have parents of two different faiths, so I celebrate both Christmas and Chanukah. Perhaps if I put one on each list, I can make out like a bandit and score both!”

Eleanore Wells

I think I’d like some Jo Malone fragrances. I rarely wear perfume because I don’t like strong fragrances and I find most perfumes to be stronger than I’d like. I was recently given several Jo Malone samples and I love everyone. Light scents, smelled great. That’s what I want

Wendy Lewis

“All I want for xmas is a bathroom reno…!
For years I have stayed in luxury hotels only to return home to our cramped Manhattan home/office with 2 identical square white bathrooms on each side of the apartment (one for me, one for my daughter) with barely enough space to house all of our respective beauty products, appliances, and tools. I dream of white marble slabs with subtle grey veins and a deep tub to soak away stress with room to light a giant Jo Malone candle without setting off the smoke alarms….But I’ll settle for Le Traitement Lissant a la Keratine with Ricardo at Yann Varin and 3 days of peace to keep me from washing my hair too soon.”

Wendy Brandes

“If anyone wanted to get me a beauty-related gift for Festivus, I would gladly accept a bulk order of MAC’s Pro Longwear Lipcolor in Lasting Lust. I can’t live without that red!”

Jeannine Morris

“Out of all of the lotions, potions, scents and cosmetics that I covet, the one beauty item I want for Christmas are gift certificates to the Dry Bar. They make A Box of Blowouts, which are gift cards that look like bar coasters. I’d get blowouts every morning if I could, and I always leave the Dry Bar feeling glamorous! There’s (almost) nothing better than a good hair day.”

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