When Hair Doesn’t Cut – [Time to Dress It Up]

We live in a world obsessed with hair. At any given moment, a television commercial with a model’s long luxurious locks being tossed about will sell the newest shampoo. Women now pay $50 to have their hair washed and “blown-out.” We’re a nation where the color of your hair can determine the content of your character. And when Brittney Spears, America’s pop princess, shaved her head, it made more newspaper headlines than a political election.

I can’t say that I haven’t dreamt of having beautiful long flowing locks myself. Sure, I appreciate what traits are bestowed to me, but gorgeous hair is not on the list. I did grow my hair out once in hopes to be mistaken for Julia Robert’s from afar, but when a picture of a girl whose hair more closely resembled a horse’s mane stared back at me, I quickly trotted my arse to the closest Supercuts and chopped the “ponytail” immediately.


It seems though, long hair, short hair or no hair, the latest hair accessories don’t discriminate. Anything is possible. What was once afforded by only celebrities are now available to anyone. Jessica Simpson has a line of extensions, now Paris. Whether you get them at Target or pay thousands at a salon, long hair can be yours if you so desire.


Of course, the tried-and-true hair accessories will never cease to exist and are essential to pull that hair up off your neck from the summer heat. Experiment with headbands that are soft and comfortable. Pull your hair up and back and frame your face with multi-banded Greek-inspired headbands that won’t pinch or pull and look pretty and polished. Anthropologie has a great selection, and its styles look adorable with short hair as well. American Apparel is coveted for casual chic and has a line of headbands that run the gamut in colors for less than a ten spot. My personal favorite hair accessory is the multi-tasking scarf. I wrap it, tie it and form it to fit my mood and personal style. The scarf is the epitome of boho-chic style that has transcended generations.


It’s so easy to get stuck in a hair rut and our first instinct is to run desperately to our hairdresser for a new set of bangs or blond highlights, when the answer can simply be to accessorize. It’s something we do everyday with our shoes, handbag and jewelry. It’s funny how such a hair nation often forgets that the easiest way to spice it up can be clipped, tied or wrapped for instant glamour.

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