Who Says Shaving is All Wet?


Lather up and dive in to the sophisticated world of eShave (999-B First Avenue, 212.838.0807). This tiny shop is filled with inviting shaving creams and aesthetic-conscious accessories that make you want to rip off your clothes and shave every part of your body. Okay, maybe it’s not that extreme, but I couldn’t wait to use the lavender shaving cream. It smells heavenly.


The Lavender Collection includes (from left to right) After Shave Soother ($22), Shaving Cream ($20), Shaving Soap with Bowl ($28) and Pre-Shave Oil ($19)

The eShave collection was originally founded in 1996. eShave founder Danielle Malka recently opened the petite New York store reminiscent of an art gallery, bathed in white with high ceilings. Jars of shaving cream and lotion are stacked with colorful labels and come in scents such as white tea, floral, citrus, lavender, almond and cucumber. Shelves line the walls with the artistic shaving stands, razors and brushes in various styles and colors.


The C Stand Shaving Set in Purple ($205)

eShave attracts both male and female clientele. One female customer said she already has a shaving brush with her initials on it and seemed glad to find a place to fuel her wet shave obsession. Get your own in the store or at the online store, www.eShave.com.

Malka’s background as a professional artist and her experience as a marketing consultant in the toiletries business gives eShave a leg up. She personally designs the handmade shaving stands, brushes and razors. The shaving creams, soaps and oils are also Malka’s baby, but you won’t find sandalwood, says Malka. “Why would I want to get close to a man and have him smell like my father?” she said.

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