Why Advertising Can Rock 101


Hey, hey you cynicists you. Shut up. Yes, advertising can rock. How can it rock you ask? Uh, hi, well let’s start with any commercial that involves talking or dancing animals. Not talking babies, but definitely talking animals. Or, I don’t know, how about a beautifully written ad that makes your “I LOVE THAT” buds go all a-flutter – like, oh, I don’t know, let’s say an ad written by yours truly? Why, I do believe I like the sound of that!!!

This is just an FYI that if you’re now interested in advertising with BeautyNews, you can place your ad specifically in the City Pulse section, and that’s right kids, yours truly will write the ad her very own self. So, if you don’t like my style/tone/grammar/brilliant vocabulary/proseology, first of all you can shove it and second of all maybe you should write your own damn ad. But if you absolutely can’t get enough of me, than why not have me write something witty that will grasp our reader’s attention and maybe, oh just maybe, even check out your product.

It’s all so brilliant I could die. Or kvell. Yes, kvell. Definitely kvell.

Contact [email protected] for further details.


[b]Images of Color[/b] [/center] [center] an image
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[/center] [center]

[b]Winter 2006 – Luxury Hotel Offers[/b] [/center] [center] an image
[/center] [b]Receive a complimentary third night stay when you pay for two nights with your American Express™ Card[/b]

Welcome to the Signature Hotels’ [b]The Third Night[/b] program in New York City, a collection of luxury hotels offering an exclusive opportunity to stay an extra night in New York City at no extra charge simply by booking two nights at the prevailing rate. The Third Night is a great chance to spend an extra night in New York enjoying more of all the city has to offer like shopping, dining, sightseeing, catching a show and staying at some of the finest hotels in the world. Simply choose from one of the hotels listed below, book two nights stay from [b]January 2 through February 28, 2006[/b] and receive [b]The Third Night[/b] with our compliments! To receive this offer, Cardmembers must reserve and pay with their American Express Card.


[b]Going on Now[/b] [/center] [b]Spring’s Fruitful Fantasies: Fruits and Flowers by Cartier[/b] Forbes Galleries
62 Fifth Avenue

Works of art resembling rare flowers not often seen in North America and fruits and berries that reflect those found in the American landscape by the famous jewelers.


[b]Eye on Park Slope’s Seventh Ave[/b] By Stacey Cervellino
[/center] [b]Cocoa Bar[/b] 228 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Between 3rd Street and 4th Street
(718) 499-4080
F to 7th Ave

Mon-Wed 7am-12am
Thu-Fri 7am-2am
Sat 8am-2am
Sun 8am-12am

Cocoa Bar, open since August, is a cozy casual wine, coffee and chocolate bar nestled in the heart of Park Slope. They’ve got it all: free wireless internet, decadent desserts ranging from truffles to rich chocolate cakes, cozy seating, a back patio for the spring, and a super friendly staff. It’s unpretentious pretension at its finest.

[b]Second Helpings Natural Café and Juice Bar 448 9TH Street[/b] Brooklyn, NY 11215
9th Street @ 7th Ave.
(718) 965-1925
F to 7th Ave

Mon – Closed
Tues-Fri: 8am-8:30pm
Sat and Sun: 10:30am-8pm

Trying to find organic, unprocessed food in this city is almost as elusive as finding a pair of jeans that aren’t designed for someone born without hips. While I love to cook-it’s therapeutic, it saves money-but at 9pm on a Tuesday night, who has time?

Second Helpings does the work for you. They offer vegan, veggie and meat lover friendly appetizers, side dishes, entrees, wheat free and vegan deserts, salads, and fresh juices.

Choose from free range lemon grass chicken, crab cake/tempeh/falafel/ or chicken breast sandwiches on whole wheat focaccia/spelt focaccia (yes!)/ciabatta/or sourdough, Portabello Mushroom Lasagna, Senegalese peanut stew and more. Then there are the sides: Lentil cakes with coriander chutney, chickpea and apple salad, oven-roasted vegetables, sautéed greens that actually taste good, yucca scallion pancakes and the list goes on.

Second Helpings also offers a breakfast menu, take out service, catering, and a few tables up front for dining in.

[b]Nest[/b] 396A 7th Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Between 13th and 14th Streets
F to 7th Ave or 15th Street Prospect Park

Nest is an airy inviting store featuring home furnishings and accessories designed with clean modern lines and clever graphics. They have everything to make your new or old home into a serene palace: bamboo and woven fiber blinds, oversized colored glass vases, bamboo lamps, simple white lanterns, whimsical table settings and garland lights by Tord Boontje ([url=http://www.tordboontje.com]www.tordboontje.com[/url]), and exquisite Japanese silk quilts in gorgeous colors : $259 for the Queen size.

[b]Neda[/b] 413A 7th Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Between 13th and 14th Streets
[url=http://www.shopneda.com]www.shopneda.com[/url] F to 7th Ave or 15th Street Prospect Park
Mon.-Fri. 12-7:30
Saturday 11:30-7:00
Sunday 11:30-6:30

Neda is a small boutique featuring local and emerging designers. Neda, the owner chooses designs that are unique and sexy, giving the wearer the feeling of being “adorned…enhancing their beauty” Drapey tops, dresses, and skirts in jersey knit are standard fair at Neda, with dresses from Butter by Nadia, Jeans by Salt Works, bohemian knit hats, dangling delicate earrings, and Neda’s own designs to round out this eclectic boutique. It’s a great place to pick up that last minute, “I just got invited to a party and I have NOTHING to wear” dress or a sexy top with indie rock edge. Select dresses, tops, jackets, and jeans are now 25% off.

[b]Parco[/b] 427 7th Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11215
Between 14th and 15th Streets
(718) 499-6997
F to 7th Ave or 15th Street Prospect Park

Mon-Sunday 7am-7pm

A teeny tiny little café, Parco is the ideal breakfast/lunch nook. Their menu is small and to the point-allowing them to perfect their offerings: homemade soups, croissants and croissant sandwiches, and coffees and teas. If you’re lucky, you can grab a table by the window or a stool off to the side and cozy up with the Times which is always in abundance on the counter, while negotiating a messy but perfectly toasted warm croissant, Swiss cheese and egg sandwich. The guys behind the counter are sweet, interesting and always up for conversation. It’s also wi-fi equipped, so on your days off, you can bat your eyelashes coyly from behind your iBook, and flirt with the hotties on their way to work.

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