Wine Lovers: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Next Picnic

Slating a relaxed summer picnic? Bring these three fabulous essentials to render your alfresco dining with vino a breeze:

VinOair Wine Aerator 
Make a mediocre bottle of wine a GREAT bottle of wine with the VinOair Wine Aerator. Not only is this a beneficial creation to oxidate your wine for premium flavor and quality, but with VinOair you will be able to serve up the perfect pour. Instead of waiting for your bottle of wine to breathe, get the party started right away with this product. What I especially like about the VinOair is that its aerator pops straight into the neck of the bottle to eliminate unnecessary drips. Get yours today on Amazon HERE.

If one of your biggest dilemmas at a picnic is where to put your wine glass down, WineGrasp is your answer. I hate wasting excellent wine, so it’s a real bummer when I think I can put down my drink for a second and then it all topples over. With an innovative clamping system and rubber grips, this innovative product attaches easily to an assortment of outdoor chairs, tables, porch railings and any surface up to one inch thick. Extremely versatile, the WineGrasp holds any stemmed wine, margarita, martini or champagne glass. No matter what you are drinking, the WineGrasp has you covered. Prep for your next picnic: WineGrasp is also available on Amazon.

Cavit Wine Pinot Grigio
When you just want a nice glass of wine for your next social gathering, but not an entire bottle, then you need the Cavit Wine Pinot Grigio Single Serve. Sold individually or in a four-pack, this lovely Pinot Grigio makes a wonderful aperitif or can complement a full meal. Tasty with floral and fruity aromas and flavors, this mini bottle is convenient to throw in your bag. You don’t need to worry about bringing extra items such as a bottle opener or glasses, so cleanup is effortless. Peruse the entire collection at


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