Wine Wednesday Winners: Terroir Murray Hill

Location, location, location…Terroir is highly disputed French wine term that loosely means the “sense” and characteristics of a place. We’re not just talking about the origin, soil makeup, climate, geography and how winemakers apply them to their process. We’re also speaking to the human (and even spiritual) impact that all of those things have on a specific area, which in turn, gives it (and the grapes cultivated there) a uniqueness that’s all their own. Now, when we talk about Terroir in NYC, we’re talking about a handful of wine bars that are innovative and enjoyable with extensive wine lists to boot. With locales in the East Village, Tribeca, and most recently, Murray Hill, the “elitist wine bar for everyone” has definitely marked its territories.

As a resident of Murray Hill, I can tell you the addition of Terroir to the hood is a refreshing change. With quality selections from all over the globe and tasty bites to enjoy them with, what more could you ask for? Let’s see…how about a wine list that’s fun to read? Yes, please. Chockfull of interesting tidbits ranging from the histories of specific wine regions, quick profiles on winemakers, and info on specific wines and varietals, this 41-page primer speaks to our motto about increasing our wine knowledge through plenty of sips in a fabulously fun way. There are plenty of reds, whites, beers, ciders and more to get your mouth motivated. Not sure where to begin? Ask the bartenders. Give some examples of what you’ve liked in the past and ask them for something comparable. It’s a fun way to explore something new, while staying within some of the confines of what you already know you dig. Thus far, I have definitely enjoyed the examples they’ve offered up. For those who like to rock, Monday is Heavy Metal Night. Plus, there are good daily deals on assorted glasses during Happy Hour before 6PM.

Terroir Murray Hill
439 Third Avenue

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