Port Jeff Brewing Company: Set sail for flavor on the North Shore of Long Island!


It seems like every time I look, a new microbrewery is opening up on Long Island. This is, of course, awesome. Long Island has 40-something wineries and a distillery, so why not kick it into high gear and bring more craft beer to the people?

Port Jeff is a great town in Suffolk county that most of you have probably been to if you’ve taken the ferry from Long Island to Connecticut. Port Jeff Brewing is bringing the beer scene over there to the forefront. At the brewery, which opened up in 2011, you can have yourself a merry little tasting of most (if not all) of their currently produced beers, get yourself a growler, and have a nice chat with the tasting room staff.

The brewery location itself features a 7-barrel brewing system, and a lovely little tasting room with a bar that looks like a boat, which is fun! Some of their featured beers include the Schooner Ale (English style pale-ale), Port Jeff Porter (smooth, dark colored and sweetened with local organic honey) and the Runaway Ferry Imperial IPA, which boasts a criminally insane rating of 109 IBU. IBU refers to the International Bitter Units scale, and a rating of over a hundred means you’ve got some deliciously bitter beer in your future! My favorite beer of theirs is the Belgian-styled H3 (Tripel H), which is a bit sweet and finishes dry.

With all that beer tasting one may get hungry, and in that case, there are a plethora of awesome dining options within walking distance (or stumbling distance). For delicious hamburgers check out the huge selection at the Gourmet Burger Bistro, for Mexican food check out the Port Jeff classic Salsa Salsa, and if you’re looking for an inexpensive lobster dinner you’re right down the road from the legendary Tara Inn. For a current list of Port Jeff Brewery’s delicious beers check out their website http://www.portjeffbrewing.com

Port Jeff Brewing
22 Mill Creek Rd
Port Jefferson, NY 11777
(877) 475-2739
Hours of Operation: Daily, Noon to 8PM

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