Winter Jazzfest in NYC

Winter Jazzfest gives everyone from novices to experts a jam session in Manhattan to Brooklyn. This popular two-night Greenwich Village stint brings vets and up-and-comers, as well as hordes of music fans to the downtown, crusty jazz joints and beyond.

Some shows are individually ticketed, but a one or two-day pass will get you access to the immense “Marathon” events jamming in Manhattan on January 10 and 11 — and this year there’s a full run in Brooklyn at several popular venues.

More than 100 groups from every corner of the world will perform at this year’s Winter Jazzfest. For example the multi-talented drummer and bandleader, Mark Guiliana is artist-in-residence who will be performing on Thursday, January 9, 10, 11, 16, 17.  The 2020 lineup also includes musicians Makaya McCraven, Brazilian musical artist Seu Jorge and many more contemporary artists.

The festival encourages people to venue-hop like the days in the past with Wynton Marsalis, Cecyl Taylor, etc.

Check out the following website for the complete schedule and to purchase tickets: