Work! Cover Girl…Un-Vogue!


Touch bar and lounge pulsed with dancing fashionistas and fluttered with press surrounding the man of the night, Tyson Perez, whose title of freelance stylist seemed to be suddenly upgraded to Editor-In-Chief and creator of UNVOGUE Magazine.


Tyson Perez speaking with the press about his movement

The transformation was actually over the course of three months since Perez attended New York’s Fashion Week last the fall. At the launch party of the online mag, Perez tells about what happened there and how he intends to shake up the fashionatti with a new attitude.


Wind-Up Records artist Megan McCauley performed at the launch

Unfortunately, the young fashionettes at Fashion Week had already adopted the cattiness of veterans, motivating Perez to pursue this editorial venture. “Fashion Week shouldn’t be about who has a front row seat,” says Perez. “Fashion can be about fun and just positive energy.”


Cover girl Jordan Richardson strikes an unvogue pose on the front of the premier issue

UNVOGUE, with a nameplate that strikes a dead resemblance to that on Vogue’s cover, went live January 16th and aims to be the complete opposite of the fashion editorial behemoth. “To be unvogue is to be uninterested and unconcerned with popular fashion,” says Perez. To be unvogue is to do your own thing? we like.

UNVOGUE promises to make you fierce no matter what your budget. “Why not mix your Marc Jacobs with H&M or Zara with Dolce & Gabanna? You don’t have to spend $10,000 to look like you did,” says Perez. Besides budget styling, UNVOGUE takes it to the street to find people who exemplify anti-mainstream taste in their video segment “Quest for Style,” hosted by Julia Kwamya.

Log on to the magazine to find continued unpretentious, unpopular, unvogue style.

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Shannon Anderson

I like the mag! Great work and much success! ;-)

Angelique Brooks

Im in to face modeling,hair modelong,runways,and what modeling has to giving.


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