World Burger Tour Rocks @ Hard Rock Cafe


What could possibly be new with the American hamburger? A lot. Chefs at Hard Rock Cafe from around the world have created unique combinations that incorporate international flavors from each individual culture.

If you are a foodie and fan of the two-handed sandwich, this is the latest and hottest bite of the American staple. Following is what we recently discovered at the Hard Rock Cafe World Burger Tour.

First off…

Most concrete jungle dwellers only go to Times Square when we commute, meet out of town guests or absolutely have to and never on New Year’s Eve. While the city changes faster than a chameleon’s colors, we locals too need to adapt to the times in midtown. This experience at Hard Rock was like a trip outside of the metropolis and the World Burger Tour is apparently popular with our domestic and international visitors.

Here is part of the selection:


Cuban Burger – this American Legendary from Miami features a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with marinated pulled pork, melted Swiss cheese and sweet plantains. With all of the focus on Cuba recently, this was my choice and not only tender and tasty but also a generous portion.

They are also offering the following:

Marimba Burger – this Guatemalan Legendary features a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with a chipotle and jalapeño spiced layer of beans, fresh salsa, Monterey Jack cheese, Cheddar cheese and crispy tortilla straws.

The Sweet & Sour Burger – this Chinese Legendary features a Certified Angus Beef patty topped with a fried onion ring, bell peppers and grilled pineapple drizzled with house-made sweet and sour sauce. My dinner guest was sated and satisfied with this compilation of flavors.


The Hard Rock Cafe is also serving a selection of new cocktails. We recommend the Pomegranate Mule made with Absolut Vodka, Monim Pomegranate and ginger beer. It was refreshing and just the right kick.

Each Hard Rock location around the globe as well as Times Square and Yankee Stadium presents the World Burger Tour until Tuesday, June 30, 2015.

The Times Square building and famous marquee originally housed The Paramount Theatre, a 3,664 seat movie palace that opened in 1926. It was a premiere showcase venue and the New York headquarters of Paramount Pictures. The theater had one of the largest and most admired pipe organs ever built by the Wurlitzer company. Alan Freed presented live rock’n’roll shows in the 1950s. It was also the site of the world premiere of Elvis Presley’s first movie, “Love Me Tender”. It continues to be a landmark of the Great White Way.

What could be more American than Broadway, rock music and hamburgers.

Visit the following sites for local details:


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