Yak Paks Take Advertising to a Whole New Level!

You can’t avoid advertising. Even if you try and tune your brain out to ubiquitous commercials, taglines and billboards, it’s impossible for your brain to avoid being assaulted by the advertising industry’s attack on your senses. Yak Pak, the New York-based bag company, has found a way to make discarded advertising fashionable with their recycled billboard ads. While companies spend millions advertising a campaign, once it’s over, the ad will be discarded and spend the rest of its non-biodegradable life in a landfill. Unless Yak Pak and TerraCycle get their mitts on it.

Yak Pak is celebrating their twentieth anniversary by breathing new life into something old, by taking used billboards from the highway to street fashion with these hip, durable and fashionable totes. Your bag will be a one of a kind. They’ve made adorable bags out of old Coca Cola ads, making for instantly kitschy and vintage vibe bags.

I’ve been slinging a bright green and yellow tote. My day job is that of a music industry publicist so I am constantly lugging home CDs, press kits and such to review on the weekends and such, so I am always in need of a sturdy but cute bag to aid me in this transportative mission! So it serves a functional purpose, looks stylish against cold, dreary January mornings and my all black ensemble and reduces the footprint on the environment.

Yak Pak are taking the concept of ‘going green’ and making it as style conscious and as fashion-forward as possible.


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These bags seem like a really cool and innovative idea. I really the concept of “recycled ads.” I know my gf would love one Valentine’s Day. Any advice for buying one in person? I’m a little hesitant to buy such a unique item online.


Amy Sciaretto

Hi! I think they have a show room, but I am not sure they sell them in brick and mortar stores. Where are you located.

The bags are rad, I love them, that’s my endorsement!

Yak Pak

Hey Mark,

Our Billboard Bag Collection can actually be found at Best Buy and Urban Outfitters!


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