Yoana Baraschi’s Cinematic Inspired Fall/Winter 2011 Collection

Yoana Baraschi’s Fall/Winter 2011 collection was bold and dramatic with color and patterns inspired in part by a film called “The Gardener”, a 1975 cult horror piece about a creepy gardener with an unnaturally vibrant garden. The colors clearly influenced Baraschi in her collection and the make-up. She was also inspired by cartoon character, Olive Oil from Popeye, which made for an eccentric flair.

The make-up by Lottie, of Make Up Forever Alliance, was among the boldest I have seen at this Fashion Week. The inspiration was Baraschi’s Fall/Winter collection with its bold jewel tones. In keeping with trends this Fashion Week, the face itself had very light color. Lottie used Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation along with the new Make Up Forever Uplight #22 and #23 for subtle highlights. The cheeks were lightly flushed using Sculpting Blush #20.

The eyes were the focal point with two-toned color on the lids. Some of the models had a spicy purple shadow, created by mixing Flash Color #6 in violet and #18 in wine red and applying it to the lid up to the crease. Lottie then drew a line on top of this shadow with Eye Shadow #75, a purple color for a two toned effect. The other models had a rusty red eyelid created using Flash Color #5 in fuschia, #17 in red and #1 in carmin. Eye Shadow #18 was applied across the top to get a two toned look. Lottie finished the eyes with Glossy Full in clear on top of the color. The inner corner of each eye was also lined with Concealer Pencil to brighten the eyes. The lips were kept nude and glossy with Glossy Full Couleur #10.

Heather Packer of Cutler Salons created the hair design for Baraschi’s collection. “When I met with Yoana this week her inspiration was a movie from the ’70s,”The Gardener,” and then she also included Olive Oil from Popeye, with her ponytail sticking out of the back,” said Packer.

“She also wanted some sort of a wave,” said Packer. “We didn’t want it to be too literal like a marcel wave, we wanted it to be a bit more modern so I decided to use just an off center part and to have a wave incorporated but keep it up high,” she said. To get the tight, high ponytail, Packer twisted the hair really tight after making the ponytail and then pinned the twisted hair so it stuck straight out. For models with thinner hair, Packer used a long pin and slid it under the twist to keep it straight. Packer used the Cutler Volumizing Spray, Cutler Flyaway Stick and the Redken Fashion Forceful Finishing Spray on the hair.

Although the hair and make-up were a bit extreme they suited Baraschi’s collection and could be used at home with less color on the eyes and a more relaxed twist in the ponytail.

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