You Deserve the “Emmy Look”…Found Out How To Get It Here!

Terri Hatcher

Terri Hatcher’s sunny gown does all the talking while her simplistic makeup lets her natural beauty shine through.

BeautyNewsNYC got the opportunity to speak with celebrity make-up artist, Bruce Grayson, who also happens to be head makeup artist for the Primetime Emmy Awards, about this year’s top red carpet looks. After hours of planning, brushing and re-touching by Grayson and his team, we, the viewers out in TV-land, were able to sit on our couches and watch the beautiful faces of our favorite celebrities stroll by. If you couldn’t find your notepad at the time to take notes, don’t worry. We got you covered.

The Big Look of the Night: “We’re going to go back to the basics,” said Grayson. “Its going to be very, very simple, simplistic makeup, allowing the brows and the lashes to do most of the work instead of doing a real smoky eye. You’re going to see primary colors, like bone, beiges and shimmer bronzes, but light applications that give an overall luminous effect. A lot of sheer lipstick colors and a soft lip line.”

Re-creation: “Keeping your brows groomed and shaped is key to shaping the eye. Making sure you get a good curl on the lashes, so the eyes are opened up. Use two and three coats of mascara instead of just putting that one coat of mascara on.”

Caution: “Use one point of the face as the focal point, whether it be the lips or the cheeks or the eyes. I don’t like too many elements going on in one make-up, its too busy and it takes away from the hairstyle and the gown. Focus in on one point. If you’re wearing an elaborate dress, don’t try to match it with an elaborate shadow. Do a more simplistic shadow so you can show off the dress and your eyes. ”

For example…: “Turquoise is a strong color. [With a turquoise dress] you could use a bone eyeshadow on the brow bone with a shimmer taupe on the lids. Maybe a tiny bit of taupe-y pencil on the inner eyelid and just mascara. And that would be enough to give you a little of a smoky look, but also it would really frame the eye well.”

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