Your Coming of Age

To initiate any conversation about facial enhancements, fillers and augmentation is to continue the old debate about the definition of beauty. You could even question whether the little cosmetic indulgences of life and the ascension of the self-actualized woman are at odds. Alright, so this line of conversation may be a little heavy for lunch, but I figured that a meal at Michael’s – hosted by Candace Bushnell – was deserving of no less.

These were all very clear signs that I had arrived, and I was perfectly content to delve into the virtues of Radiesse, a newly approved injectable dermal filler, for the next hour and a half.


In front of a room full of beauty writers and magazine contributors, Bushnell opened the luncheon with a reading from her newest book and the obligatory Anna Wintour joke. She was quick to clarify, however, that today’s new career woman is far from the devilish character she is made out to be. Rather, the women who have gracefully grown into powerful positions have come to define the female pursuit of success.

They represent a self-confident and self-assured woman who takes the definition of beauty beyond the limited sphere of a make-up counter. Facial enhancements such as Radiesse become, then, enhancements of a persona as opposed to a desperate attempt to stop and reverse time.

With candor and humor, Bushnell gave her own account of learning to age gracefully and the hits and misses of cosmetic surgery. Her glowing personal endorsement of Radiesse was followed by the professional “thumbs-up” of Dr. Susan H. Weinkle, a cosmetic dermatologist who has been using Radiesse for over 2 years.


Among the virtues she espoused was it’s convenience: Radiesse lasts for a whole year, saving her clients time and money. Furthermore, the procedure is so quick and easy, there’s hardly any downtime after an appointment. Dr. Weinkle’s before and after pictures elicited so many oohs and aahs from the crowd that I had gotten only halfway through my chicken entree before I began poking at my own face wondering if it wasn’t to early to make an appointment myself.

My not-so professional opinion? If there was any doubt in my mind that facial enhancements could easy, convenient and safe, they were properly soothed. It’s comforting to know that when I’m ready for a little facial pick-me-up, products such as Radiesse will be able to shoulder the job. In the meantime, I’m content to dine with the beautiful people at the beautiful places knowing that true beauty lies within.

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