Zippers are in for Spring and for Charity

These days it seems like there is a day for everything from administrative assistants to iced coffee (no really, it was last week and I enjoyed a few too many that day!) So when I heard that in celebration of National Zipper Day, Tommy Hilfiger and Vera Wang would be teaming up with Zpr Bags to create the world’s longest handbag for charity, I wasn’t surprised.

As a busy NYC woman, I could only assume that I have one of the largest handbags known to man and filled with who knows what…but apparently I’ve got some competition. Students at Manhattan’s New Design High School will attempt to set the record for the World’s Longest Handbag, using vivid, multicolored zpr bag strips. The strips will be sponsored, decorated and signed by the students and celebrities from the worlds of fashion, film, television and stage with all proceeds from the event benefiting a summer scholarship fund.

The charity event was created to send one deserving New York student to Fashion Camp NYC this summer and to contribute financially to New Design High School, a preeminent art and design school in Manhattan.

So if you have the afternoon free, why not get outside and head to the Lower East Side and support some artistic kids. They are in fact the future.

What: National Zipper Day Charity Event
When: Wednesday, April 29th, 3pm-Opening Remarks, 4pm-World’s Longest Handbag construction begins
Where: New Design High School, 350 Grand Street (between Ludlow and Essex Streets)

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