Zuri Hall Does it All and Manifests a Destiny of Success and Social Change

Zuri Hall is so much more than a pretty face. As a correspondent for Access Hollywood, she uses her influence to help make important social changes in the world beyond entertainment. Never satisfied to do just one thing, Hall is also a sideline reporter for American Ninja Warrior, has a podcast focusing on how to balance work and life issues, and a YouTube Channel. This bright and humble woman is helping to make a difference in many areas of life, as we found out recently during our conversation at CrimeCon in Las Vegas.

Born in Toledo, Ohio, Hall became interested in performing as a child, and later attended Ohio State University where she majored in strategic communications and minored in theatre. “I won a full academic scholarship ride to college,” Hall said. Despite her academic prowess, Hall remained focused on entertainment which was her passion. She always set goals for herself from an early age, even before it was in vogue to do so. One of them was to become a national television host by age 25. She beat this goal by becoming a television host at age 24. This goal has become so much more than a hosting job, especially now, with Hall’s presence on Access Hollywood.

Access Hollywood is partnering with the Black and Missing Foundation, which is unique for an entertainment television show. The Black and Missing Foundation is a non-profit organization founded in 2008, to bring awareness to missing persons of color and provide resources to families and friends. Hall told us that Access Hollywood’s coverage of Black and Missing is a once-a-month feature of unsolved cases. Hall said that she hopes it will shine a light on missing persons of color, and prompt tips to come in that help solve them. “If I can contribute in some small way to bring awareness to these missing persons, I am happy,” Hall said. Of course, she is contributing in more than a small way.

At CrimeCon, during the Clue Awards show, Hall presented the inaugural Crime Fighter Award to the Black and Missing Foundation. This award provided increased exposure for the organization, as well as missing persons of color. It was truly history in the making to see the Black and Missing Foundation honored during this high-profile true crime conference.

In addition to her television presence, Hall seeks to empower and inspire other young women to achieve success. She has a podcast called Zuri Hall’s Hot Happy Mess, where she says they talk about everything. She has experts and other women on as well, to discuss issues relevant to Millennial women. On her YouTube channel, Hey Zuri Hall! she further reaches out with her own brand of solid advice, to help other women to balance stress and live their best lives. With such a busy schedule Hall said she was looking forward to a break and taking a vacation to France soon. She said that vacation goals are key to the work life balance she strives for and promotes on her podcast and YouTube channel.

Hall says that she is grateful to have had so many opportunities, but it is clear to us that doors have opened because of her determination and drive to succeed. She has already accomplished so much at an early age, that we cannot wait to see where her future goals lead. The sky is the limit, and she is taking everyone along for the ride.

For more information on Zuri Hall, visit, https://www.zurihall.com, and https://www.youtube.com/heyzurihall.
For more information on the Black and Missing Foundation, visit, https://www.blackandmissinginc.com.