Choosing A Mate with Astrology and Numerology

Frustrated in your love life and wondering why every relationship follows a similar dead-end pattern? Have you read dating books, watched videos and even gone to therapy only to end up even more confused and clueless? Though often mocked as superstition or arcane knowledge, the divination arts such as numerology and astrology have existed for thousands of years and still persist to this day. Their popularity stems from quick, relevant answers to such mysteries as destiny and love. Though this field attracts its fair share of crackpots, a few masters exist who command respect for the accuracy of their insights and the genuine help they provide. A visit with a psycho-astrologist like Brigit Lippencott or numerologist like Yogi Akai can offer fascinating breakthroughs and bring clarity to mystifying questions. It can also help us quickly deduce if a new partner is the right one or not.

Astro-psychology or “the way of living truth,” as Brigitte Lippencott explained it to me, argues that everything in the universe is interrelated and the heavens influence us. We live in a divine intelligent universe of energies that affect earth and us. Tarots are read according to the Divine Astrology of Nostradamus, which is different from regular astrology. We are all the signs of the Zodiac, not just the one that reflects our birth date, starting from the birth month and looking at twelve fields of experience. Lippincott can give you your own UCI (Unique Celestial Identity), a photographic shot at the moment of your birth of the energies in the universe. Your UCI indicates what type of person you are and who would be a good match for you. If you give her the date of birth of your romantic partner, she can let you know whether your energies are well suited and if in the long run you will encounter difficulty or not. She uses a board on which the energies of astrological signs are indicated to affect 12 areas of your life. The system uses the energy of the earth and the moon, not the stars. She can also predict that if you meet someone during a new moon cycle, the person will stay in your life. If you meet him during a full moon, he will not.

You may laugh at anything so “out there” but what she said about me was shockingly exact and extremely helpful. Very often we don’t realize what our specific nature needs and we try to follow patterns of behavior popularized by our culture. It is important to understand who we are not just here and now but in the bigger picture of our soul’s journey through time and the cosmos. It sounds like something out of science fiction, but love also has a fantastic nature that eludes the rational and challenges our notions of what we can understand. Right now Brigitte Lippencott offers a special for $25 (that does not include a reading of your UCI) whether you and your current mate are suited for the long term. I would recommend it. Everything she said about me was right on target and liberating to hear.

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Like astrology, numerology can be used as a blueprint for the success of a relationship and a deep understanding of who we are. I had a fifteen-minute phone session with Yogi Akai, the Numerology Professor considered to be the world’s master of yogic numerology. He determined from my date of birth what my numbers were and what strengths and challenges they entailed in life and relationships. Yogi pierced some mysteries about my intimate life and I listened to his insights in rapture. If you give him your date of birth and your partner’s he will be able to tell you if you are a good match but also will help you with techniques that you can use to heal your life or relationship. Yogi Akai uses a special type of healing known as Ten Body Yoga, and is the developer of Laser Touch, a unique Yogic system of healing. More information about Yogi Akai can be found at Numerology was the way marriages were set up in ancient times and is still used in many cultures to determine the best times to take decisions, arrange important meetings or solve personal problems.

I was very skeptical about doing these séances as I was brought up to only trust what is rooted in common sense and modern science. But during my two sessions, I was often struck and speechless by the uncanny accuracy of the insights. More than that, they seem to be right according to my own intuition. There is something there, which explains why some make these systems of inquiry a permanent part of their life. The use of old divine tools that have survived thousands of years can help some of us see better in ourselves and the ones we love and if need be, figure the journey to healing that may often constitute the first step to a positive long lasting relationship. If you have questions about your present love life, ask these professional respected advisers for their insights. I can guarantee you will come out with a new fresh insight about your self and many things in your future.

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