Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the Year Party


A fun and fearless evening was had for all who came out for Cosmopolitan’s annual Bachelor of the Year party this past Thursday. The event was held as part of the routine feature “Fifty Hottest Bachelors’”, in the magazine’s November issue. During this anticipated celebration Cosmo crowns their Bachelor of the Year, and for 2012 showcase of diverse, eligible men came from across all fifty states. Naturally the party at the Opal was filled with booze, chiseled abs and single ladies.

A neighborhood nook for Garment Center hands, the Opal opened its doors at 8PM. Precisely the right time for scores of supportive guests, who were surely made up of ad space accounts, fashion PR executives, and Cosmopolitan senior staff. Thursday evenings are ideal for this crowd, allowing time for young professionals to wrap up most of the week’s business and anticipate Friday morning with booze and visual stimulation. In this fashion the event also serves as a way for the magazine to show it’s appreciation for the brands and institutions that support it.

I arrived at 8:30PM with a few colleagues. The three of us walked through the entrance and up to a landing where we checked our coats. We then proceeded into a great black hall where clusters of stiletto-clad bachelorettes surrounded tables and occupied the bar at the far end of the room. I cannot say I was surprised to not see many men, and I commend those that did attend. To my left as I walked in was part of a catwalk that extended out toward the bar at the far end of the room, Cosmopolitan’s logo projected at the center of the wall behind the outstretched landing.

I always appreciate catering, as a wannabe foodie. I was happy to partake in eggplant and empanada as well as an open bar, the usual suspects. After a few drinks I became less modest about sneaking in bites of food as the caterer’s approached with varying trays, suddenly realizing that I hadn’t had dinner!

It wasn’t long before the show started and Carrie Keagan came out and introduced the crowd to the 50 hottest bachelors of the year (rumor had it Joanna Coles, the newly appointed Editor in Chief of Cosmopolitan, would be hosting the show). In alphabetical order the Bachelors from Alabama and onward came down the runway to represent their states, and of course, themselves. The audience went wild as the bachelors each showed us, in the form of a smile, suggestive grin or strip tease, why they should be Cosmopolitan’s Bachelor of the year. All of the guys should be proud of their nominations, but the coveted ‘Bachelor of the Year’ title and cash prize was awarded to Louisiana.

After the show wrapped up the Bachelor’s came down off the stage and into the crowd, where they were received with fitting appraisal from the now hundreds of girls. Rows of people lined up at the bar and halls that led to the restrooms. The party had officially resumed and guests all capitalized on the opportunity to swindle the eligible men. At this time desert was served: cake pops in numerous flavors, always a crowd pleaser and perhaps my favorite part of the night! Soon after another round of drinks and a few more dances the end of the evening had crept up on us. So it was back to the coat check where I was delighted with a stuffed gift bag that contained a Cosmo girl’s necessities and a copy of their November issue that featured the Bachelors- additional visuals for the road home.

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