Ever Heard This Dating Tip?

If you don’t find dating fun, entertaining, and exciting…you are doing it wrong.

As a married woman, yes I am off the dating market, but when I was dating I dated a lot and I found it fun, entertaining, and exciting…and I dated and dated until I found and married Mr. Right, which is usually the ultimate goal at some point. As much as I loved dating when I was single, I most enjoy coaching my single wanting-to-be-married friends in their dating adventures. In fact my good friend just got married a few weeks ago. She dated a lot too, but once I started sharing some tips and she started using my advice she had a ring on her finger in no time.

Writing a dating column seems totally natural for me, although some of my suggestions may not at first. They aren’t the usual game playing and drama creating advice you may be used to, but I promise these tips and my articles will lead to less tears, disappointments, and frustrations. Dating will become enjoyable, empowering, and exhilarating. And maybe just maybe if you are looking and ready for Mr. Right you will attract him too. I certainly did and it was by using my biggest and most important dating tip: stop getting dating advice from your single friends.

Not all of my advice is going to be what you want to hear or what’s easy to hear, but it is what works. Would you ask someone who can’t drive to give you a ride? Yes, it’s the same thing. Asking someone who is not in a relationship advice on how to get or be in one does not help you. Your single ladies are valuable of course, but when it comes to you dating productively you need to reach out to your happily married friends — or the ones who have had the same valentine for the last three years. Whatever they are doing is working. Try this for the next few weeks and I will have more tips coming soon. Happy Dating!

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